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LOST Blu-Ray on Sale!

On sale at Amazon for only $57.99, you can save 39.00!

TV report card for 2007 for ABC

TV report card for 2007: A solid B- - Television- "ABC

Grade: B+
Highlights: ABC produced more new hits than any network. “Pushing Daisies” was the buzz show coming out of the fall, and has kept up its early promise. Christina Applegate-starrer “Samantha Who?” is no longer a question mark. The answer is, yes, people will watch a mediocre show if it’s got a cute female telling the jokes. Despite idiotic chatter from fans who felt the story wasn’t moving fast enough or that main characters were being left in the cold, the aforementioned “Lost” (which starts up again Jan. 31) continues to be riveting."

Friday, December 28, 2007

I've called Georgia Cavanah at Oceanic Airlines, have you?


Flights Begin December 31 To Nine Markets
Oceanic Airlines announced today their return to the airways. Beginning December 31, operations and flights to nine markets will resume, “Taking You Places You Never Imagined.”

Destinations include:
Los Angeles, CA
Tustin, CA
Ames, IA
Miami, FL
New York, NY
Portland, OR
Knoxville, TN
Seoul, South Korea
Sydney, Australia

“We are very eager to resume flying and apologize for any inconvenience our temporary closure may have caused our loyal customers,” said Michael Orteig, President, Oceanic Airlines. “Oceanic Airlines is proud to be a top tier flight provider and looks forward to providing travelers with many more years of unparalleled service.”

About Oceanic Airlines
In business for over 25 years, Oceanic Airlines is a major airline carrier and offers the highest caliber of service for international and domestic flights. Destinations include Los Angeles, London, Sydney and South Korea. Oceanic Airlines

Contact Georgia Cavanagh (818) 460-5520 for more information.

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EW best Dramas of '07

Best TV of 2007 | Poll

LOST won the voting for best Drama of 2007 with 37% of the voters honoring LOST as best drama, which is it is oh course!

Missing Pieces 8 - "Buried Secrets"

"Missing Pieces" Number 8 - Buried Secrets

This missing piece features Jin, Sun, Michael and Vincent. Sun is trying to bury a California drivers license when Michael startles her. They share a moment and almost kiss, until Vincent interrupts.

I just wonder if this to foreshadow somethings to come in the near future, and even though it seems very unlikely Sun cheated on Jin before, could something more happen or has something more already happened? Really random, but could the baby Michael's?

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Season 4 Spoiler in the trailer

I'm not sure if anyone else has commented on this yet, maybe some one has, I haven't seen it. I've watched the new extended trailer a number of times, and I noticed this one little part that I had look at several times, but didn't see. After Locke says that there's a traitor, there is a brief shot of Sayid and Sawyer grabbing Jack, with Jack saying, "Let go of me." So it seems, that those who side with Jack will be the ones leaving, and those who side with Locke won't be.

Friday, December 21, 2007

A Real American Hero

''Lost'''s Akinnuoye-Agbaje joins ''G.I. Joe'' - Entertainment Weekly:

"Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, who played Mr. Eko on the second and third seasons of Lost, has been cast along with Rachel Nichols (Alias, The Inside) and Said Taghmaoui (The Kite Runner) in Paramount's live-action G.I. Joe movie."

Photo 1 | The Best TV Episodes of 2007 | Photos |

The Best TV Episodes of 2007 -

The Best TV Episodes of 2007

''Through the Looking Glass'' May 23 (ABC)
After strange, mystical forces (read: critics and fans) aligned against Lost early in season 3, how did ABC's trippiest drama fight back? With a gasp-inducing finale that packed a wallop of love, death, and war, including the heartbreakingly redemptive drowning of Charlie (Dominic Monaghan), and the castaways marching closer to rescue (or doom?). And the final revelation that Jack's (Matthew Fox) down-and-out flashback scenes were actually a flash-forward — he and Kate (Evangeline Lilly) have gotten off the island, but he desperately wants to return — tickled, tangled, and tantalized our minds all at once. — Dan Snierson

LOST's SGA Nomination


"Outstanding Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Television Series

24 (FOX)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

New Longer Trailer

WOW! I'm so excited about this upcoming season, even if its only half of the season!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

LOST #1 with Stephen King

Stephen King's Best of '07: Movies and TV - Entertainment Weekly

We all know that writers of LOST love Stephen King, and well Stephen loves them back. This is what he had to say about what he calls the #1 TV Show LOST:

Still the best. I rewatched the entire third season to make sure, and — yes — still the best. Heroes just doesn't have its mythic grandeur. People are reaching for the stars here. And maybe beyond. Really, there's never been anything like it."

Cloverfield, 01.18.08, 5 min Clip

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Lindelof speaks about LOST on Thursdays

'Lost' fans: Look out for that cliffhanger!

Okay Losties, here's what "Lost" co-creator Damon Lindelof has to say about the move to Thursday night: It's a boost for the mysterious castaways because it guarantees that they will not have to face off against the "American Idol" machine and it also protects them from going head-to-head with original episodes of "CSI" as long as the strike continues.

"I think it's awesome," Lindelof said. "If they had told us last year we were going to get the 'Grey's Anatomy' time slot, I would have been thrilled, especially since there's no new 'CSI' to go against," he said. "But the time slot is completely colored by the fact that we're still engaged in this writers strike. It's bad for the entire town. The only show you don't want to be up against in January is 'American Idol,' and there were very few time slots that would afford us to not compete with 'Idol.' It's great to not be up against 'Idol' but [it's a shame] that we're not up against 'Idol' because there's a writers strike."

"Lost" performs better in the ratings when the networks air episodes without interruption in the scheduling. Lindelof and Executive Producer Carlton Cuse designed the new season as a 16-episode arc and were hoping the strike would be resolved in time for ABC to be able to air the season without
interruption. But with the end of the strike increasingly uncertain, Lindelof said Friday that ABC felt it had no choice but to go ahead.

"What I would not want to do is hold these episodes of 'Lost' indefinitely," he said. "I feel like the fans haven't seen any 'Lost' since the end of May, and I completely understand the network's decision
to air these eight episodes. We certainly designed our season as 16 straight and this is not ideal by any stretch of the imagination. But we can't go on strike in one breath and then complain about the fact that the series isn't airing the way we want it to in the other. I believe in the strike and why we're on strike, so that supersedes what my preference is for the ideal way for the show to end."

Because of complaints from fans last year that the show poses more questions than it answers, the writers learned to wrap up their seasons more conclusively, Cuse said. To that end, they designed the first half of the fourth season as set-up and the second as pay-off.

“The audience just needs to be warned,” Cuse said. “There’s a very cool cliffhanger at the end of the eighth episode. But most of the major questions were designed to get answered at the second half of the season. The whole idea that we’re actually looking forward as well as looking back is something we’re very excited about as storytellers. But there is a fear that if the strike continues and we’re not able to complete the season, that people might feel a little frustrated because those eight episodes aren’t conclusive.”

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LOST Blu-Ray Answers

LOST Answers Revealed in S3 Blu-Ray DVDs
This was posted over at ODI.

LOST Answers from Season 3 Blu-Ray DVD Set Highlights, click to link above to see full list.

  • Desmond is why the plane crashed, when he didn't push the button.
  • "Pushing the button was not a psychological experiment." It was a real job.
  • The electromagnetism on the island will not lead to a black hole that will destroy the planet.
  • We haven't seen the last supply drop, and keep in mind that just because the package had a parachute attached does not mean it was actually "dropped."
  • Walt does have psychic powers - not clear how powerful he is. The show will address his growth spurt.
  • That was definitely Walt on the computer talking to Michael. Did he actually physically type is a whole other story. Maybe he used his psychic powers to send the message.
  • Walt has definitely spent some time in Room 23.
  • The Polar Bears were brought to the island by the Dharma Initiative. After The Others took over, the bears were released. They swam to the other island and eventually mated. Polar Bears are still on the island.
  • Mittelos Bioscience is a front that The Others use in the real world. It is also an anagram for "lost time." The Others can go back and forth from the island to the outside world. The sub is only part of how The Others travel to and from the island. The show will explore the notion of time on the island and how The Others travel.
  • Charlie, Christian, Kelvin, Nikki, Paulo, Radzinski, and Mikhail are dead.
  • "Just because you're dead doesn't mean you can't reappear"
  • Hostiles = Others is true. The Others are also comprised of other groups that were on the Island.
  • Locke's paralysis was healed by the island. It is not clear if it's permanent.
  • Marvin Candle, Mark Wickmund, and Edgar Halowax are triplets. No, wait. They're the same person. We will get to know more about him.
  • There was a real Henry Gale. He was a balloonist. He was not a member of The Dharma Initiative. We will find out why he was in the vicinity of the island.
  • There's only one Richard Alpert. "Age is all relative on the island."
  • Penny established the listening station to find Desmond. We will find out just how Penny knew there was an island to look for.
  • The Others are responsible for bringing Anthony Cooper to the island. Drugs + Accident = arriving on the island. "There are other nefarious things that The Others are doing in the real world, but we can't tell you about that yet."
  • Each station has its own orientation video. There could be more than 6 hatches/films.
  • The hieroglyphics on the timer meant "Underworld." Dharma gave a shout-out to those that were on the island before, "props to the Egyptians. That sort of thing."
  • The Blast Door map was incredibly accurate. However, there were two spectrums to the map, and we only saw one. The question mark is the Pearl Station, and the various references to the monster and its travel patterns were "pretty definitive."

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Visiting LOST Season 3

Visting Land of 'LOST' - Dec. 11, 2007 (

The Washington Post has a good run down of all the features of the new Season 3 DVD.

LOST Spoiler Chat - Kristin

Watch with Kristin - Spoiler Chat: Lost Scoop Found! Plus, Dish on Daisies, Grey's and More

"Anne in Auckland, New Zealand: This Lost hiatus is killing me! Got anything on Sawyer? In the beginning of season four, Sawyer is...on Team Locke! I can tell you that there are two teams and that the other leader won't surprise you...but Kate's allegiance will. Got guesses on the two teams and the second leader? (His name may rhyme with 'frak'...) Comment below! Oh and P.S. As far as I know, Jin and Sun aren't playing for either team. Suspicious? You bet! Lost - Best Show of Skin"

"Lyly in Tours, France: Can you tell me if you have something about Lost for the new season, please? Especially about Sawyer and Kate... All I can say about Sawyer and Kate is this: 'If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it's yours. If it doesn't, it never was.' I know it's cheesy, but I'm cheesy, dammit, and I believe that's what's going on with S&K this season... "

"Sofia in Mexico: Any news from Lost? You know how in that episode of Dexter, when Doakes cornered Dex, Dex head-butted him and informed him he'd always be one step ahead? Well, that's pretty much how Ben is with the rest of us. In season four, it seems like Ben still has everybody's number—including those on an incoming vessel. Boo-yah. I'm also hearing the show is currently casting fluent Franco-Tunisian voice actors for what must be episode seven or eight. Another hatchsicle? Oui ou non?"

The LOST Commerical in Theaters!

I'm sure there are others who've posted what they see in this promo.

- There is what appears to pile of exploding fruit.
- There is a cow
- The Hydra dharma logo
- Once again we get a glimpse of the number "6," I know there is some interesting info about the "6" out there right now.
- We see Hurley under water, I'm guessing swimming down to the Looking Glass.
- There is most definitely a brief glimpse of Charlie!

Back Cover of new DVD

For you viewing pleasure and info:

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

LOST Season 3 DVD!!!!

I picked up my copy of LOST Season 3 today. Don't forget yours

Monday, December 10, 2007

LOST The Game Screen Shots

Series »New Imags from LOST Game

There are several new screen shots from the new LOST Game coming in 2008.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Ethan on Strike

Mutant Enemy Day 12/07/2007

"William Mapother, (best known for his role as Ethan on Lost...which David Fury wrote for awhile), walked among us. He was on one of Tim Minear's short-lived shows, The Inside."

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Shannon goes to Wonderland

Alice Graced with Lost Star? -

It seems that Sarah Michelle Prinze has stepped away from "Alice," and Maggie Grace ("Lost") may get the part now.

The story picks up Alice's tale a few years after her first adventures in Wonderland. She's now a disturbed young woman mourning the death of her parents as she returns to the land of talking animals and the wicked Queen of Hearts.

Cloverfield's Running Time & Slusho Commercial

Cloverfield's Running Time, Slusho Commercial -

That said, when it comes to Matt Reeves' "destructo-vérité" Cloverfield, are we going to get an epic-length account of New York City's annihilation? Nada. Sources tell Shock, Reeves and company have cobbled together a lean 'n mean 90-minute tale.

New Sci-Fi Interview


"The producers of Lost offered up a few answers behind the mysteries in season three and a few hints about the upcoming fourth season. The third season drops on DVD on Dec. 11. Executive producer Carlton Cuse admitted that the people who were on the jet that crashed into the island all have to pay a price for being there. 'Yes, and that price is $3.95,' he kidded. 'In seriousness, the show is about redemption. All the characters on this island are confronting the failures of their past and revisiting issues that go to the core of their emotional makeup.'" More...

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Missing Pieces 5 - Operation Sleeper

Spoilers: Lost Mobisode 5 - Missing Pieces - Operation Sleeper - DarkUFO

Our friends over at DarkUFO, have a streaming version of the next Missing Piece, as well as a transscript. Enjoy it now, or wait until next Monday for to have it. Thanks!

What's Behind The Island's Regenerative Abilities?

LOST: Unanswered Questions: What's Behind The Island's Regenerative Abilities? - BuddyTV

This week I want to examine the theories revolving around the island's regenerative abilities. The island appears to have the ability to cure paralysis and cancer, stop the aging process, boost sperm count, heal a nasty shot to the gut, and, in the case of Mikhail and possibly Jack's dad, actually resurrect the dead. Can these things be scientifically explained, or do all of these medical miracles ensure that there is a mystical aspect to the island?

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

LOST Fans Support the Writers

If you also support other shows, you can visit Lexigeek for other images.

December 9, 2007

Cleo Hughes

Donald Cowart

Bobby Shierling

Stacy Boutwell, Chris Hasty,
Kevin Trimble, Chris Weeks


Barbara Calicutt, Christina Rankin

Jennilee Phillips, Paula Stone,
Cindy Vickery, Becky Wetherington

Barbara Calicutt

Paula Stone

Jennilee Phillips

Joy Cowart (Preschool)

Chris & Kim Lindsey (Elementary)

Julie Rowland

Mark & Cindy Kelly

Scooter Livings

Thursday, November 29, 2007

LOST Missing Pieces: Modeal Deal for Writers?

Webisodes of ‘Lost’: Model Deal for Writers? - New York Times

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 19 — On the picket lines, striking television and film writers adamantly claim that studios are refusing to pay for the use of writers’ scripts on the Internet.

But ABC Studios is doing just that. Over the next three months fans of the hit show “Lost” can go to to view weekly episodes of “Lost: Missing Pieces,” a series of new two- to three-minute shorts that reveal background information and previously undisclosed details about the stranded inhabitants of the show’s mysterious island.

The “Missing Pieces” episodes were produced under an agreement with the writers’ union that provides for much of what the writers say the studios have been refusing to offer.

Payment for the use of material on the Internet will be a central issue keeping the Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers apart when they head back to the bargaining table on Monday.

But as the “Lost” example shows, the two sides have found common ground before, and both have shown interest in giving some ground on the issue.

The “Missing Pieces” episodes were written by the regular writers of the television series, a group that includes Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, executive producers of the series, who also oversaw production of the webisodes. They also feature the show’s regular actors and characters, including Matthew Fox, who plays Dr. Jack Shephard. Mr. Fox appears in the first installment, released last week. The writers, actors and others involved in the production were paid specifically for their work on the Web episodes and will earn residual income, just as they do for the broadcast show.

In an interview Mr. Cuse said that while it took five months to reach an agreement, he believes the “Missing Pieces” deal could serve as a template for resolving at least some of the dispute over payment for online use of material.

“I think it is a pretty good model,” he said last week. “What it shows is that there is

basically room for a partnership between writers and the studios in a new medium. It’s where I wish we were headed instead of being stuck in this standoff.”

Have you seen LOST in theaters?

Watch with Kristin - Lost Ads Coming to the Big Screen:

"This just in: Lost is coming to the big screen! Oh, how I wish I could tell you our beloved Evie, Matthew and Josh are starring in a movie version of the show we so adore, but this is pretty much the next best thing: Sources tell me ABC has secured a deal to air promos for the upcoming fourth season of Lost (with new footage!) before all movies rated PG and above in Screenvision and NCM chains in December. Hear that? It's the sound of this die-hard couch potato running out to buy my tickets! And by the way, this also means ABC thinks the new season of Lost is so good, it warrants such play. I've heard from Alphabet-net insiders that the upcoming eight episodes filmed so far are 'crazy good' and will 'even satisfy the haters.' So, if you're already starting to feel the fourth-season fever, sound off below, will ya? And if you're headed for the aforementioned theaters, don't you dare think about hitting the bathroom before the show..."

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Missing Pieces - The Deal

Spoilers: Lost Mobisode 4 - Missing Pieces - The Deal

This will be released with full quality next Monday, but you can get a preview now. This is the first time we've seen Juliet and Michael on screen together. This is a cool missing piece, I think, and when you think about it. Thirteen 3 or 4 minute clips roughly equals 45.5 minutes of LOST, that's like a whole new episode when you think about the big picture.

Kristin's LOST Scoop - 11/26/07

Watch with Kristin - Spoiler Chat: Office, Lost and Grey's Scoop!:

"Heather in Miami: My sincerest condolences that your Hawaii trip was canceled. Is there no justice in the time of the strike?! Anyway, why don't you make it up to yourself by telling us some Lost scoop.

Thanks, Heather. Anyone wanna help me drown my sorrows with some mai tais? As you may know, the Lost production office is an impenetrable fortress of secrecy these days, but I was able to dig up a little scoop that I certainly found fascinating! Sources tell me the series most definitely flashes backward and forward in this season—and until the series ends...yeee! I'm also hearing we get quite a few new characters courtesy of Marsha Thomason's character, Naomi. Word is, Naomi summoned them via walkie-talkie before Locke busted that knife in her back. So, newbies are a-comin'!"

Talks Begin Again in WGA Strike

Strike forecast: Cloudy with some chance of sunshine -

"Since the latest talks will be kept under wraps (both sides called for a press blackout), it's unlikely the press will get any progress reports until a deal is made. Though many shows remain in production, hundreds of people have already lost their jobs because of the strike. As of this morning, 464 people have indicated they are now standing in the unemployment line on"

Monday, November 26, 2007

LOST Season 4 Missing Pieces Promo

Check later today for the next Missing Piece, "King of the Castle."

Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Adventures of Hurley and Frogurt

Lost - Missing Pieces Home -

Last Monday, posted the latest missing piece. It's nice to see some new LOST material since it has been so long. This is a sad one though, since Libby was getting killed by Michael at about this same time, just before the picnic that never happened.

Neil Frogurt - "well played Hurley, well played."

LOST Season 1

I watched all of LOST season 1 again this week. From Tuesday Evening - Saturday Morning. It wasn't a constant marathon, but I watched a lot of LOST, about 18 hours of it or so. It had been some time since I last watched the first season, I had forgotten a lot of important things and happenings. It was fun to see all the old gang together since several have fallen since those early days on the island. anyway, just thought I'd share.

Monday, November 19, 2007

The New Cloverfield Trailer

Empire: Movie News - The New Cloverfield Trailer

It's been a long time coming, but we now bring you the second trailer for Cloverfield, the none more top secret monster movie, directed by Matt Reeves and produced by JJ Abrams.

Was the wait worth it? We think so. We get a much stronger sense of the story – monsters attack New York and knock most of it over – and a proper look at how the hand held style will work while still retaining the big bang blockbuster quality, i.e. brilliantly.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Writers and Studios to Meet Again

Scribe Vibe: Variety's WGA Strike Blog: THEY'VE AGREED TO TALK!

"THEY'VE AGREED TO TALK! Writers and studios have agreed to resume negotiations on Nov. 26. The Friday night announcement came on the 12th day of the strike in the form of a joint statement from the Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers. The two sides indicated that they have agreed to a news blackout."

Friday, November 16, 2007

Ausiello's on LOST (11-14-07)

Ausiello on Grey's, Lost, Pushing Daisies, Life and More!!

Question: This strike has me worried about the future of Lost. Since it looks like ABC will go ahead and air the eight completed episodes in early '08, what happens to the other eight? — Conor

Ausiello: It all depends on when the strike ends. If it ends in the next month or so, there's a good chance all 16 episodes will still air this season. If it goes on longer than that, the back eight would most likely be grouped in with next season's 16. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

Question: How will the strike affect the return of Harold Perrineau (Michael) and Cynthia Watros (Libby)? — Conor

Ausiello: They both made the prestrike cut — but just barely. Sources confirm that (Major spoiler alert) Watros and Perrineau will show up in Episode 8. And I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they're both somehow involved in the mini-cliff-hanger that Team Darlton's been teasing.

Question: I'm absolutely lost without Lost. Can you please pass along any details on Season 4 to tide me over? — Mike B.

Ausiello: Episode 6 is Juliet-centric and features the return of three deceased characters: *o*****, **h*n, and **. *r*e*d**.

Ausiello's on LOST (11-07-07)

Ausiello on Lost 11-07-07

Question: What does the strike mean for Lost? Any idea how many episodes they finished pre-strike? Is it still scheduled to air some time in February?

Mike Ausiello: Why do I suddenly feel as if I'm talking to myself, Mike? Why do I also suddenly feel like I'm not going to like what I have to say? At least I know the answer to that second part — it's because I don't like what I have to say. If the strike extends into the new year and beyond, there is a chance ABC may opt to delay the new season until the fall. Or worse yet, February 2009. Another scenario has the network simply airing the eight episodes already in the can this February as originally planned — something Team Darlton would not be in favor of. Says Lost cocreator Carlton Cuse, "Damon [Lindelof] and my concern about running the [eight] episodes we will have made is that it will feel a little like reading half a Harry Potter novel, then having to put it down. There is a mini-cliff-hanger at the end of Episode 8, but it's like the end of an exciting book chapter; it's not the end of the novel. Damon and I didn't write [the ending of Episode 8] differently [with the looming strike in mind]. We wrote it to be the ending of Episode 8." In any case, he concedes that the decision to hold or air the episodes isn't ultimately theirs. "It's really [ABC honcho Steve MacPherson's] call," Cuse notes, adding, "No one was happy with the six-episode run last season."

Question: Now that the writers are on strike, whatever will I do to get Lost scoop? — Maribeth

Ausiello: You can ask, for starters. Have I ever let you down? Whenever the current eight episodes air, keep an eye out toward the end of the run for Zoe Bell, whom Carlton Cuse calls "the stuntwoman extraordinaire, from the Tarantino flicks [Kill Bill: Volume 1 and Grindhouse]. She definitely will make a splash."

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lost Mobisode 2 "Hurley and Frogurt" @ Dark UFO

Spoilers: Lost Mobisode 2 - Missing Pieces - Hurley and Frogurt

You can watch the next Missing Piece right now (11/19) the official version will be up at Thanks to Dark UFO and "Susan." Neil Frogurt finally has a face, and sadly all this was going on about the same time that Libby was being killed by Michael. How will Hurley react to him when he pops back up in the show?

Monday, November 12, 2007

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mourning TV

Mourning TV - New York Times

Damon Lindelof wrote about television's demise, in today's edition of The New York Times. This is an interesting read. Thanks for you thoughts, Damon.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

"Cheap Skates!" Campaign

The Fan Union - "Cheap Skates!" Campaign:

"The 'Cheap Skates' campaign is on! The Fan Union is the Rally point for this campaign! In the spirit of the very successful 'Nuts!' campaign that moved CBS to resurrect Jericho, The Fan Union proposes that fans let the networks know that we think they are a bunch of 'Cheap Skates!' To accomplish this, we ask supporters to send the network of their choice one of these inexpensive, ie 'Cheap,' Roller Skate charms."

Thursday, November 8, 2007

ABC to Air Partial Season of Lost

STRIKE COVERAGE: ABC to Air Partial Season of Lost - 11/7/2007 11:46:00 PM - Broadcasting & Cable:

"ABC said that as of now, it is sticking with its plan to air the eight episodes it has of Lost -- this coming on the day that Fox announced that it will bench its own serialized midseason thriller, 24. Lost Lost executive producer Damon Lindelof said Wednesday that the final episode that has been written ends in a cliffhanger that will not be resolved for viewers until after the strike."

Cloverfield Clues

Cloverfield Clues

J.J. Abrams latest movie project due out next year, has already generated a lot of internet buzz. Cloverfield Clues is an awesome source of news on Mr.s Abrams new movie.

The Title is "Cloverfield"

Cloverfield Title Finally Revealed!? Movie Trailer Description Online | /Film

Devin over at CHUD has seen the trailer for the upcoming JJ Abrams-produced monster movie code-named Cloverfield/1-18-08. The trailer which runs 2 minutes and 16 seconds will debut in front of Beowulf and will feature the final title for the movie (we reported this earlier in the week). So what is the title?


That’s right, the reel marked as Trailer #1, V.17, with “Newest FX Shots” features the titlecard “Cloverfield“. Keep in mind this could just be a placeholder until the real title is announced, so things could change. Alex and FirstShowing seems to believe that mainstream audiences know the film better under the date title 1-18-08, and that it would be stupid to call the film Cloverfield. And I think he has a point because Cloverfield has nothing to do with anything that happens in the movie (at least from what we know). So while the audience online knows the film as Cloverfield, the brand recognition doesn’t translate to mainstreat audiences. And that’s why I don’t believe this is the actual title of the movie.

Damon Explains the Strike

Damon Lindelof is explaining why he is on the picket line in front of the ABC/Disney lot.

LOST on Facebook

I Watch LOST - Facebook

If you're on Facebook, you can join iwatchlost. There is a fun trivia challenge, as well as LOST quotes and pictures that you can add to your profile.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

LOST's Missing Pieces - Mobisodes

Lost - Missing Pieces -

Lost Mobisodes will be availble starting Monday 11/12. Does this mean Monday will be the day for the new LOST season?

"Lost Missing Pieces are 13 two-to three-minute stories of compelling new never-before-seen moments from LOST. These newly-created scenes not deleted scenes from previous episodes reveal answers and new details about your favorite characters. For each story we leave it up to the you the fans to figure out where these pieces fit into the overall mythology. Watch new episodes on

Mondays beginning 11 12.

Episode 1: 'The Watch'
Starring Matthew Fox
Guest Starring John Terry
Music by Michael Giacchino
Edited by Robert Florio A.C.E.
Director of Photography: Michael Bonvillain A.S.C.
Executive Producers: J.J. Abrams Damon Lindelof Bryan Burk Jack Bender Carlton Cuse
Co-Executive Producers: Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz Drew Goddard Stephen Williams Jean Higgins
Supervising Producer: Elizabeth Sarnoff
Producers: Ra uf Glasgow Pat Churchill
Co-Producers: Richard Peter Schroer Brian K. Vaughn Samantha Thomas
Executive Story Editor: Christina M. Kim
Associate Producer: Kaleen Yamase
Costume Designer: Roland Sanchez
Created by Jeffrey Lieber and J.J. Abrams & Damon Lindelof
Written by Carlton Cuse
Directed by Jack Bender"

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

"Lost" writers: "Like putting down a Harry Potter book in the middle"

"Lost" writers: "Like putting down a Harry Potter book in the middle":

"“Lost” exec producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse joined other writers picketing in front of the Walt Disney studio’s front gate, holding up “WGA on Strike” signs and joining a few pro-union chants. “Everybody’s a little saddened and surprised and shocked to be out here,” Lindelof said. “A lot of these people weren’t here in 1988 and don’t know what the word ‘strike’ feels like.” Lindelof and Cuse hit the picket line at 8:30 a.m. with plans to spend several hours. The scribes said the spent much of the weekend putting the finishing touches on episode eight of “Lost,” submitting the script to the network on Friday and tweaking it over the weekend. “We finished writing by mid-afternoon yesterday,” said Cuse, who noted the script was ready to be shot. Disney_strike Lindelof and Cuse said the episode happens to include a small cliffhanger – although not enough to end a season on, should the strike progress and the show not resume production this year. “It will feel like an incomplete season,” Lindelof said. “It will be like putting down a ‘Harry Potter’ book in the middle, at the end of a chapter.”"

How will the strike affect Lost?

How will the strike affect Lost? | Strike, TV Biz | Hollywood Insider |

"So far the news about what the strike will mean for Lost s return to ABC this winter isn t all that bad but it could get worse if the picketing persists. According to Lost executive producer Carlton Cuse — who was walking the picket line Monday in front of Burbank s Disney lot with fellow EP Damon Lindelof — ABC will soon have eight episodes in the can that it can begin airing after the first of the year ABC has yet to announce a start date though it seems likely the show will return in February . If the strike is prolonged and the scribes can t get back to work writing the rest of the episodes fans are going to be stuck with the kind of stunted season they were forced to endure last year. 'It will feel like buying a Harry Potter book reading half of it and then having to put it down for many months ' explains Cuse. 'There is a cliffhanger at the end of the eighth episode. It will only be frustrating for viewers to have to step away from the show and not see the second half of the season.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Lost Wiki is No Longer "Official"

Lost Wiki: Fan Site for the TV Show Lost - LOST

First off, you may have noticed the downtime about a week ago and started noticing some changes on the site. Yes, ABC has decided not to renew their contract to keep this site the Official Lost Wiki. While it's a bummer, it doesn't actually change how great this wiki and the people that contribute to it are. I don't think it's anything to be upset with ABC about, either... they just don't want to be in the wiki market. This wiki will stay up and running and since we're free agents now, we get to have a bit more fun!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Writers Guild of America Daily Variety Ad

pencils down means pencils down

In this Daily Variety ad, 100 showrunners put their names on the list. LOST is included.

“You guys will still break stories, right?”

“Your people can still write scripts. I mean, who would know?”

We would.

We would know that doing so undermines the very cause for which we’re fighting. We would know that it sends the wrong message to those who honor our picket lines

We would know that it only serves to prolong a strike.

So, just to be absolutely clear: In the event of a strike, we, the following showrunners, will do no writing and no story breaking — nor will any be asked of our writing staffs — until we get a deal.

"Carlton Cuse Damon Lindelof (Lost)"

The Writers Strike Back

Watch with Kristin - Hold on to Your Couch Cushions: The Writers' Strike Is Here:

"From all appearances, Lost may have the best advantage of all series, given that it has been stockpiling new scripts since June and not a single episode has aired. At this point, 14 of 16 episodes have been written. And if the strike does last long enough to seriously impact other series, Lost could very well be the only quality scripted drama on television in February (along with perhaps 24, though it's far more behind in scripts due to an overhaul of location and storyline)."

Friday, October 26, 2007

Hollywood Writers May Go On Strike

A scary Halloween looms: Why Hollywood writers may go on strike and how that affects TV - Chicago Tribune

"“Lost” is another high-profile network show that is scheduled to come back at midseason — ABC previously announced that the island drama’s 16-episode season would begin in February. But “I have no idea” when “Lost” will return if there’s a strike, writer/executive producer Damon Lindelof said. It “depends on how many episodes we’re able to bank and that depends on when a strike actually occurs.”"

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Monday, October 15, 2007

LOST Sneak Peek at the New Season

Lost Exclusive: Sneak Peek at the New Season - Today's News: My Take |

"Break out the magnifying glasses and prepare to hypothesize to your heart's content, LOST fans. At right is an exclusive photo from the set of the new season of ABC's Lost, premiering... well, way too long a time from now, for my liking. I see Sayid, Bernard and Desmond, and when you click over to [the larger size image], you can spy Juliet on the far right, also standing in front of a... plane?"

Lost Virtual Tour's Sad News

Sad News

We bring you sad news today. We just received a photograph from our friends at Kos Hummer Lost Tours that the iconic tree in Mokule'ia has been burned down.

This is the tree under which Jack saw his father standing in Ep 1x04 Walkabout, and it and a second tree next to it have been seen repeatedly in future episodes. Mikhail was seen standing near it when he was shooting at Desmond in the boat near the end of this past Season 3.

We haven't looked at the burn site ourselves, so we don't know if this was mischief or an unfortunately placed campfire, as the coastal area is often used recreationally by late night fishermen, ATVers, and local families on holiday.

PopMatters Best of TV on DVD |

PopMatters DVDs | Part 5 - Beyond the Envelope

"Lost has become nothing less than one of the defining works of art of our time, a complex allegory for the confusion of living in our hyper-accelerated, media-saturated culture. While on the surface it’s about a group of plane crash survivors exploring the bizarre island they’ve been stranded on, the show is really about the experience of being bombarded with sensory information at all times and the way our personal biases distort our attempts to process all of these clues, with the end result that everyone has a fragment of the truth but not the whole deal. It’s the perfect metaphor for an age of Wikipedia, Fox News vs. the “liberal media,” and the power of the internet to turn the voices of the people into a screaming cacophony. A decade ago The X-Files captured the paranoid zeitgeist of the ‘90s with the catchphrase “The Truth is Out There,” insisting that we were living in a web of lies and needed to break free. Lost posits a more complicated scenario: we’re surrounded by truth and lies all the time, but who can tell which is which?"

Sunday, October 14, 2007

LOST Found In Half-Life 2

Easter Egg: LOST Found In Half-Life 2 - Kotaku

"Apparently, the design team working on Half-Life Episode 2 are fans of the ABC TV show, LOST. This morning I received an email from Kotakuite p00pzilla with this screenshot clearly showing a symbol on the wall that mimics the logo of LOST's Dharma Initiative. Now add to this the email I received yesterday from another Kotakuite saying he had seen Lost's mysterious string of numbers, "4 8 15 16 23 42" on a CRT computer screen in a blocked off room of the game's second level."

LOST "Demons" Music Video

This has been a round over a year, but I have never heard about it until today.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

LOST: The Weight of the Wait

Lost: The Weight of the Wait - Variety

"In most dramas the story takes you from point A to B to C. On our show you go from A to B, an then we go, 'Here, look at V...and then let's go back to C.' You can't just take those detours if you don't have a good sense of where your big story beats are," says Lindelof.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

10 Scariest Episodes on Sci-Fi TV

SyFy Portal's 10 Scariest Episodes on Sci-Fi TV

LOST makes the list at number 10!

10. "The Man Behind the Curtain" -- Lost

Who or what is Jacob? Where is he and why can’t anybody see him? And why is he so violent?

“Lost” is another show that can be strange and frightening throughout. From the pilot episode on, the Flight 815 survivors have encountered an invisible entity that has killed; a moving black cloud that has killed; a polar bear that has killed; a sequence of numbers that has killed; people with bare feet that have killed; and so on. It seems virtually every new entity or dilemma that the Losties have encountered has killed someone. The show that leaves us asking more questions than it answers is “Alice In Wonderland” in hell. Or purgatory. I still want to know what the deal is with the giant four-toed foot.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

LOST shout outs and Answers about Season 3 Finale

The ''Lost'' universe expands -- to NBC? - DOC JENSEN - Entertainment Weekly

'Hi Doc — My biggest problem with the season finale was Locke killing Naomi. It seemed really out of character and unnecessary. Couldn't he have just injured her enough not to make the call? Did he really have to kill her? Could you probe the producers to find out if the audience will eventually find out Locke's motivation for killing her?'' — Tricia

Damon Lindelof responded:
''After lying, gutshot, in a pit of Dharma corpses for two days and on the verge of taking his own life, an apparition of Walt appeared to Locke and said ''You have work to do.'' I would dare say that we might be willing to give John the benefit of the doubt for any action he took in response to this series of events, even if considered slightly ''out of character.'' I, for one, become VERY cranky when I get gutshot.''

A valid point, although I think Tricia's fuzzyness on the matter is understandable: the finale — focused and stuffed as it was on Jack, Charlie, The Others, and other non-Locke momentousness — wasn't really about capturing Locke's state of mind. My guess is that very early in season 4, Lost will give us a story that will zero in on the very weird-and-warped place Locke finds himself in.

Monday, October 8, 2007

J.J. Abrams' "Fringe" Coming to Fox

Fox Takes J.J. Abrams' Fringe -

Fox has picked up "Fringe," a spooky series from the minds of J.J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, reports Variety.

The network has made a series commitment to the Warner Bros.-Bad Robot production, which will start off with a two-hour pilot budgeted at more than $10 million. Abrams, Kurtzman and Orci (who are working on Paramount's new Star Trek movie) wrote the project and will executive produce along with Bryan Burk ("Lost"). A search has begun for a pilot director as well as a series showrunner.

"Fringe" mixes elements of "The X-Files" and Paddy Chayefsky's Altered States with what Abrams calls "a slight 'Twilight Zone' vibe." It will focus on brilliant but possibly crazy research scientist Walter Bishop, his estranged son and a female FBI agent who brings them together.

LOST Season 4 Filming Makes the News

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Friday, October 5, 2007

Damon and Carlton have their Eye on the End

LOST Writers Eye the End

Producers of ABC's Lost told SCI FI Wire they know how the show will end, though the series finale won't happen until 2010. The producers even know what the final shot will look like, they said in interviews.

Co-creator and executive producer Damon Lindelof said that the writers will be working toward the end of the series over the next two years. "We always knew the ending," he said. "We just didn't know how much time to take before we got there. So, yes, it still completely fits with where we're at in the storytelling right now."

Lost will become more focused because the end is in sight, the producers added. "With 48 episodes to go, it's exciting to be working towards an endpoint we're already familiar with," Lindelof said.

During a press conference for the release of the Lost season-three DVD set on Dec. 11, executive producer Carlton Cuse said that the show will be using flash-forward scenes, but warned cryptically that "it would be wrong to think that the flash-forward you saw is the end of the series." Viewers got their first glimpse at a possible future in the third-season finale last spring.

Cuse added that he already has the final image of the series in mind. "Yes, we do know what the last image of the show is," Cuse said. "And it won't be a black screen!" he added, alluding to the controversial cut that ended HBO's The Sopranos. The fourth season of Lost starts Feb. 6, 2008. —Mike Szymanski

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Chuck knows the Secret of Flight 815

Chuck who has downloaded all the US government secrets into his brain, knows the truth of the "crash" of Oceanic Flight 815.

Friday, September 28, 2007

2007 Tater Top Award Winners

Tater Top Awards

LOST is a bigger winner with "Watch with Kristin."

Monday, September 24, 2007

Friday, September 21, 2007

SPOILER: Lost Resurrects a Character Again

Exclusive: Lost Resurrects ______! - Ausiello Report

Don't read if you don't want to know....

OK, so technically, the ABC hit isn't bringing Cynthia Watros' short-lived character back from the dead. But Lost executive producer Carlton Cuse confirms to me exclusively that the actress will be playing Hurley's dearly departed sweetheart again this season for multiple episodes, presumably in more flashbacks.

Offical LOST Podcast for Flight 815 Crash Anniversary

Sept. 22, 2004 Flight 815 crashed on it's way from Sydney to L.A. Damon and Carlton share some details about the upcoming season and answers podcast questions.

- LOST will air Saturdays at 4 pm - (He was just kidding.)

- The flash forward in the Season 3 Finale is the definite future. Jack and Kate will get off the island, and Jack will be miserable.

- Some have theorized that it was a parallel future or a possible future, they believe that the future is fixed. Much like the talk Desmond has with Mrs. Hawkins in "Flashes Before Your Eyes."

- Richard Alpert (Nester Carbonell) is "parked" until they see what happens with the show that he is now a part of "Cane."

- Is Kate pregnant with Sawyer's baby? We will find out in the first 4 episodes or so.

Mikhail Bakunin is dead, but he may still up on the show in flashbacks.

- Who's in the coffin? They joked about it being Frogurt and that he'll be introduced this season. Although that was a joke, he might be telling the truth that the man in the coffin will be introduced this season.

- No more pants or banjo playing jokes on the podcast.

Monday, September 17, 2007

LOST Mondays?

Will 'Lost' Make Monday the Best Night on TV?

Specializations started in July, with some saying that it could be moving to Friday, but it's been reported widely the last few weeks that LOST will indeed be moving to a new time and a new date. Everyone's saying that LOST will be on Monday nights at 8 pm. DarkUFO has gone as far to say that it will start February 4, 2008.