Friday, September 21, 2007

Offical LOST Podcast for Flight 815 Crash Anniversary

Sept. 22, 2004 Flight 815 crashed on it's way from Sydney to L.A. Damon and Carlton share some details about the upcoming season and answers podcast questions.

- LOST will air Saturdays at 4 pm - (He was just kidding.)

- The flash forward in the Season 3 Finale is the definite future. Jack and Kate will get off the island, and Jack will be miserable.

- Some have theorized that it was a parallel future or a possible future, they believe that the future is fixed. Much like the talk Desmond has with Mrs. Hawkins in "Flashes Before Your Eyes."

- Richard Alpert (Nester Carbonell) is "parked" until they see what happens with the show that he is now a part of "Cane."

- Is Kate pregnant with Sawyer's baby? We will find out in the first 4 episodes or so.

Mikhail Bakunin is dead, but he may still up on the show in flashbacks.

- Who's in the coffin? They joked about it being Frogurt and that he'll be introduced this season. Although that was a joke, he might be telling the truth that the man in the coffin will be introduced this season.

- No more pants or banjo playing jokes on the podcast.

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