Tuesday, October 9, 2007

LOST shout outs and Answers about Season 3 Finale

The ''Lost'' universe expands -- to NBC? - DOC JENSEN - Entertainment Weekly

'Hi Doc — My biggest problem with the season finale was Locke killing Naomi. It seemed really out of character and unnecessary. Couldn't he have just injured her enough not to make the call? Did he really have to kill her? Could you probe the producers to find out if the audience will eventually find out Locke's motivation for killing her?'' — Tricia

Damon Lindelof responded:
''After lying, gutshot, in a pit of Dharma corpses for two days and on the verge of taking his own life, an apparition of Walt appeared to Locke and said ''You have work to do.'' I would dare say that we might be willing to give John the benefit of the doubt for any action he took in response to this series of events, even if considered slightly ''out of character.'' I, for one, become VERY cranky when I get gutshot.''

A valid point, although I think Tricia's fuzzyness on the matter is understandable: the finale — focused and stuffed as it was on Jack, Charlie, The Others, and other non-Locke momentousness — wasn't really about capturing Locke's state of mind. My guess is that very early in season 4, Lost will give us a story that will zero in on the very weird-and-warped place Locke finds himself in.

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