Thursday, November 29, 2007

Have you seen LOST in theaters?

Watch with Kristin - Lost Ads Coming to the Big Screen:

"This just in: Lost is coming to the big screen! Oh, how I wish I could tell you our beloved Evie, Matthew and Josh are starring in a movie version of the show we so adore, but this is pretty much the next best thing: Sources tell me ABC has secured a deal to air promos for the upcoming fourth season of Lost (with new footage!) before all movies rated PG and above in Screenvision and NCM chains in December. Hear that? It's the sound of this die-hard couch potato running out to buy my tickets! And by the way, this also means ABC thinks the new season of Lost is so good, it warrants such play. I've heard from Alphabet-net insiders that the upcoming eight episodes filmed so far are 'crazy good' and will 'even satisfy the haters.' So, if you're already starting to feel the fourth-season fever, sound off below, will ya? And if you're headed for the aforementioned theaters, don't you dare think about hitting the bathroom before the show..."

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