Friday, December 14, 2007

LOST Blu-Ray Answers

LOST Answers Revealed in S3 Blu-Ray DVDs
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LOST Answers from Season 3 Blu-Ray DVD Set Highlights, click to link above to see full list.

  • Desmond is why the plane crashed, when he didn't push the button.
  • "Pushing the button was not a psychological experiment." It was a real job.
  • The electromagnetism on the island will not lead to a black hole that will destroy the planet.
  • We haven't seen the last supply drop, and keep in mind that just because the package had a parachute attached does not mean it was actually "dropped."
  • Walt does have psychic powers - not clear how powerful he is. The show will address his growth spurt.
  • That was definitely Walt on the computer talking to Michael. Did he actually physically type is a whole other story. Maybe he used his psychic powers to send the message.
  • Walt has definitely spent some time in Room 23.
  • The Polar Bears were brought to the island by the Dharma Initiative. After The Others took over, the bears were released. They swam to the other island and eventually mated. Polar Bears are still on the island.
  • Mittelos Bioscience is a front that The Others use in the real world. It is also an anagram for "lost time." The Others can go back and forth from the island to the outside world. The sub is only part of how The Others travel to and from the island. The show will explore the notion of time on the island and how The Others travel.
  • Charlie, Christian, Kelvin, Nikki, Paulo, Radzinski, and Mikhail are dead.
  • "Just because you're dead doesn't mean you can't reappear"
  • Hostiles = Others is true. The Others are also comprised of other groups that were on the Island.
  • Locke's paralysis was healed by the island. It is not clear if it's permanent.
  • Marvin Candle, Mark Wickmund, and Edgar Halowax are triplets. No, wait. They're the same person. We will get to know more about him.
  • There was a real Henry Gale. He was a balloonist. He was not a member of The Dharma Initiative. We will find out why he was in the vicinity of the island.
  • There's only one Richard Alpert. "Age is all relative on the island."
  • Penny established the listening station to find Desmond. We will find out just how Penny knew there was an island to look for.
  • The Others are responsible for bringing Anthony Cooper to the island. Drugs + Accident = arriving on the island. "There are other nefarious things that The Others are doing in the real world, but we can't tell you about that yet."
  • Each station has its own orientation video. There could be more than 6 hatches/films.
  • The hieroglyphics on the timer meant "Underworld." Dharma gave a shout-out to those that were on the island before, "props to the Egyptians. That sort of thing."
  • The Blast Door map was incredibly accurate. However, there were two spectrums to the map, and we only saw one. The question mark is the Pearl Station, and the various references to the monster and its travel patterns were "pretty definitive."

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