Saturday, February 9, 2008

Confirmed Dead Newspaper - Le Journal de Tunisie

This is a pretty clear good size screen cap, but I cannot make out the date on this newspaper. I really want to know when they found 815. Have you seen this reported anywhere, please leave me a comment if you have.

I went to Babelfish to translate the French to English.

le lavage de cerveau en liberte ="the washing of brain in freedom"
This Article comes up when you search the French title in Google, "Plus efficace encore que les dictatures, le lavage de cerveau en liberté." Google will translate it for you if you let it. This blog was published on November 10, 2007, but was from an interview from August 2007. Here is a translate portion of it:

"In an interview with the France Inter journalist Daniel Mermet, the American intellectual Noam Chomsky analyzes the mechanisms of domination media and puts them in their historical context.He recalled, for example, that totalitarian regimes were based on the springs of advanced communication tools in the United States in the aftermath of the First World War. In addition, he stated that the prospects for social change in today's world, and what might look like utopia for those who, despite the pedagogy of impotence hammered by the media, have not renounced change the world ."


  1. Hi I'm a Tunisian Fan of LOST and I'm so happy to discover your blog!
    It's so funny and mysterious :-p
    Here you can find the link to the real article if you want:
    But why do you want to know the exact date? I' don't think that it's so important!
    PS: as all the names are not real in LOST, there is no Tunisian Newspaper called "Le Journal De Tunisie"
    And what I am so excited to know is why they have chosen Tunisia!
    I don't see any relationship!

  2. Thanks for the comment. Sorry it took so long for me to see it.

  3. I think they've been on that island a lot longer than 100 days, which is how long they think they're been on the island, based on the normal way the world works, but if you saw "The Economist" time and space work differently on the LOST island.