Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lost Season 4 Episode 4 Eggtown On Island Recap

Lost Season 4
Episode 4 Eggtown
On Island Recap

We start off with Locke making some breakfast, and soon he goes into the vast maze beneath Ben's house, where Ben is being held (where Anthony Copper was last season). Locke brings Ben a book to Ben, and he says that's he's already read it. Locke give the LOST fans a nice shout out by saying you might catch something you missed the second time around. Ben plays his usually mind games with the sometimes weak Locke and it gets to him. Ben brings up the cabin, Jacob and even that John is coming to him for help. "You're more lost than you ever were," says good ole manipulative Ben.

Sun and Jin are discussing where they should live when they get to America. Jack, Charoltte and Daniel arrive and the beach and are introduced to everyone. They LOSTies keep trying to call the freighter but Minkowski does not answer.

Kate Scooby Doo's Hurley into telling her where Miles is being held. He's in a new location, the boat house. Which doesn't have any boats near it at this point. Miles wants 1 minutes with Ben and says he'll tell Kate what she wants to know. Claire and Kate are hanging up laundry and Claire asks her to pick up Aaron who is a little fussy, but Kate won't do it. Claire picks him up and makes the comment that she never thought that she would be a good mom, but she is.

Kate goes to Hurley and Sawyer's house and they talk. Sawyer asks her to tell him is she wants to use him, and she does. She wants to bust Ben out to let him talk with Miles. Sawyer goes to Locke to play backgammon, a very popular game on the island. He tells him of Kate's plan, and they run off to check on Miles. He is gone. Kate has him and has taken him to see Ben. She gives him a minute. Miles tells Ben that he will lie and tell his employer that Ben is dead for 3.2 million in cash in one week, and that he'll take care of Charoltte. Ben and he obviously know things that we don't and those on the island don't know either. Miles does tell Kate that he knows all about the passengers of flight 815, he knows her back story. Locke and Sawyer arrive and Kate is told to go home.

After she tells him that Locke is making her leave, Sawyer says "I unbanish you." They spend their last night together, from the looks of it anyway.

Charoltte is urged by Juliet and Jack to call the emergency number. She does and talks to Regina. She has not seen the helicopter of those aboard, and it's already been over a day since they left the island. This is not good.

John goes to the boat house and pulls the pin on a grenade and sticks it in Miles' mouth and walks out. John, the quasi dictator, has walked off the plantation, so to speak.

Kate tells Sawyer that she's not pregnant, and he is happy. He thinks she's using this as an excuse to run off to Jack and leave him. I thought she was pregnant with his baby up to this point, since last May actually.

Again, what is Ben able to do and where is able to go?
Is there really a "Magic Box?" Can he teleport?
What does Miles know?
Why didn't Minkowski answer the phone?
Is that a live grenade?

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