Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Oscar Talbot of The Maxwell Group on Finding Flight 815


Oscar Talbot on a Deep Sea Discovery
January 31st, 2008

"His interview explores the accidental discovery by Sam Thomas of Oceanic flight 815. Here he explains the events leading up to the discovery, its implications, and the course of future action."

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If you listen to the interview, Oscar says they were looking for "Black Rock" that sank in 1881; however, he doesn't say "The Black Rock,"the full title. It very odd that old old wooden ship would be thought to be LOST in the same place, the Sunda Trench as Flight 815. There is obviously some kind of connection there. Was Rousseau scientific expedition LOST in the Sunda Trench as well? He also says that he feels the plane is in water to deep to salvage, but that he hopes knowing where the plane is will give peace to those with loved ones on board.

Again this raises the question in my mind, when does this happen? I want a date that they found the plane, that could explain a lot to me. According to the date of the post, this interview about this recent discovery was posted January 31, 2008. Was 815 not found until 2008?

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