Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ji Yeon Recap - LOST Season 4 Episode 7

Present Recap
We start off on the friegther. Frank is bring some food to Des and Sayid. He talks with the guy from Smokin Aces about not being late for a meeting. He then goes inside the boat to a room, where a disoriented Regina is guarding the LOSTies. Regina said she didn't hear him and has her book upside down. Frank talks with Des and Sayis and tells them that they don't want to talk to the captian because he's mad that they broke out of sick bay. They tell him that they thought he left the door open for them. Another reference to their "friend" on the book. Jin and Sun are on the beach. Jin wants to talk about baby names, but Sun thinks it's bad luck and they decide they talk about names once they're rescued.

Sayid and Desmond are still confined and their "friend" slips them a note through the door. As you can see on the left, it says, "Don't trust the captain." The action returns to the beach, where Kate has returned to the beach camp. Sun asks her about the "rescuers." Kate tells how they turned off the chemcial weapons plants, that Juliet said was a power station. Sun confronts and Daniel and then decides to leave camp.

Sun is going through Juliet's things and is looking for prenatal viatmins. Sun wants them so she can go to the camp of Locke. She doesn't believe Juliet that pregnant woman die on this island. Claire, her baby and Sun are fine, so she wants to do what's best for the baby, she wants to go to the other camp.

Kate draws Sun and Jin a map and tells them that she will tell Jack. Juliet trying to stop them, tells Jin about the danger that Sun and the baby is in. She has to get off the island in three weeks or she will die, danger. Juliet tells about Sun's affair. Jin is hurt, but tries to stay strong and walks back toward the beach.

Sun is trying to explain the Jin, when Bernard (haven't seen him in a while) comes up to them, and asks to go fishing with Jin, not knowing what's happening. Bernard talks with him about being married and about Karma. He thinks that they are the "good guys."
Des and Sayid hear someone baning on pipes in the boat, when the doctor brings them out to the deck of the ship. The helicopter is gone, and they are told Frank went on an errand to the island (since there's no where else to land) Regina commits suicide. That is weird, and noone tries to help here. Captain Gault orders everyone back to their posts, and walk up to our friends and says "I suppose you two have a few questions ".

He tells them that he didn't want to lose any more men by trying to save Regina, and that most of the crew is suffering from a really bad case of cabin fever. He also says that he's tried to get away from the island, since he thinks its causing the problems, but can't because of the saboteur on board. He also shares who sent him, Charles Whidmore (just like Ben said).

Then he shows them something. A flight data recorder, a black boxpulled from the bottom of the ocean because of Whidmore great resources. It is in his opinion the fake black box of Oceanic Flight 815, since Sayid is standing there in front of him. Where does someone come across the resources and bodies to fakes something like that. They think that Ben is responsible for the fake wreckage.

Back on the freigther, the docotor and Sayid and Desmond are tlaking. The docotor tells him that the captains is surprising striahgt forward, just don't piss him off. There is blood on the wall of their new room, and the docotor cause Johnon to clean it up. Johnson is hesitant and tries to head up top, but the doctor insists. Kevin Johnson, is Michael (the man on the boat). He is "introduced" to Sayid and Desmond.

Jin makes dinner for Sun, and tells her that he understand because he knows the he was and they way that he treated her. Then she tells him what Juliet says about the island and how they have to get off the island to save and that she knows that the baby is Jin's. She thought she had lost him, but she didn't. He says, she never will.

Future Recap
Sun is in a bathroom, and walk out of it and something is wrong. She's in pain, and then she sits down on the bed in intense pain. She calls emergency services and says she needs an ambulance, because she is pregnant and "something is wrong."
The nurse wheeling Sun into the hospital recognizes here as one of the Oceanic 6. Dr. Park comes in to help. She still thinks something is wrong with her baby. The bay is in distress. The doctor says, he'll find out what's wrong. She wants him to get Jin, and she looks like she is bad shape. Jin is getting into a taxi, and his phone is knocked down and run over by a bike and someone steals his cab and his present. Jin goes back to get another panda, but the clerk says he's out and the one left is one hold. Jin gives him a lot of money for it.

Sun is in delivery and is still looing Jin, and is still worried. The baby comes out and is soon crying. It's a little baby girl, Ji Yeon, it is. She's okay and so is the baby.

Jin is rushing into the hospital. He isn't allowed in right away. He also refers to the the ambassador and Mr. Paik. Jin says he's only been married for two months, and that the baby wasn't his. We know see Sun back at home, and Hurley comes to visit. No one else is coming. He wants to see the baby. Hurley doesn't want to see the baby at first. He says that she looks just like Jin, and Sun says that she does. The big reveal is that what we saw of Jin was a flashback and what we say of Sun was a flashforward, and Jin is now dead. From his grave marker, he never makes off the island.

Who faked the 815 wreckage? Was is Ben?
Is that really one of the reasons they're looking for him?
How did Jin die? When?
Is Michael one of the 6?
Who will die next week?
I think that's it's Claire. She has to die, in my opinion, since Kate has Aaron in the future. If not now, she will die before the end of the season IMHO. I think that Claire and Jin are the other 2 or the "8" that survived the crashed and then later died. As Jack said under oath in Kate's defense, in the episode Eggtown.

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