Thursday, March 13, 2008

LOST, Popular Mechanics & Pregnancy Science

Pregnancy Science on LOST Is Flawed (Except for the Magnetism Factor), Top Maternity Doc Says - Popular Mechanics

"Back in Season 3, we learned that Claire was the first mother on the island; until her son Aaron’s birth, all pregnant women there died during their third trimester (in total, pregnancy has killed nine women). And that’s why blonde super doc Juliet came in the first place: to make childbirth possible. And she takes her mission personally, as we saw Thursday when the death of a pregnant patient had her crumpled to the floor in tears. Speaking to Ben later, she says that during the second trimester “white blood cells plummet, and the immune system turns on the fetus.” In reality, this is the exact opposite of what happens to a pregnant woman. More."

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