Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Frozen Donkey Wheel - LOST Season 4 Finale

Official LOST Podcast 03-21-2008
The end of the season will be referred to "The Frozen Donkey Wheel". Only the minimum number of people that need to know the information of the end of the season. Last season's code name for Jack and Kate on the tarmac was the "Rattlesnake in the Mailbox." The "The Frozen Donkey Wheel" is not the final scene of the final episode, but a key moment in the finale.

Damon and Carlton have unofficially confirmed that the Oceanic 6 are Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Aaron, and Sun. The trailer last week showed the Oceanic 6 were these characters, even though that had intentionally left it so you'd think Jin was one of them.

You have to enter the "atmosphere" of the island in a very specific way much like the space shuttle. They did hint that this could be the source of the "sickness" on the island.

How long did Miles have the grenade in his mouth? Did he have lock jaw?
Miles was not "Locke-Jawed."

Will they show the Swan implosion anymore?
No. We haven't seen our last purple sky. There is another electromagnetic event coming up this year.

Is the electrical storm always there? Wasn't answered.

Monster, Human, Apparition Game:
Ben's Mother -Apparition
Boar - Animal
Spider - Monster
Dave - Figment/Apparition
Yummi - Monster
Cat Nadia - Animal
Walt - (Personal,Apparition, Monster)
Boone - Person, Dream
Jack - Human
Kate's Horse - Undead

In Expose, the Nikki and Palao episode, on the title page has "Rick Lapidus," is there a connection or do you guys really love the name?
There is no connection to Frank Lapidus, other than the writer Eddie really loves the name.

Is Aaron in danger, now that he is being raised by Kate?
Richard (the physic) is a fraud and a con-man. Do you believe he's a physic then he's in danger? Do you believe he's a con-man he's fine. He is in danger.

Were the Others familiar with Kevin Johnson from the NBA?
They picked an innocuous name not to tip off Whidmore.

Cultural Anthropologists and Archaeologists have a nerdy feud, does she have both degrees?
Charoltte is a Cultural Anthropologists and a closet Archaeologists. Cultural Anthropologists study civilizations and cultures which is important.

Will we see a flashback featured the Black Rock and the 4 Toed Statue?
We will learn more but not in a flashback.

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