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Meet Kevin Johnson Recap

Meet Kevin Johnson Recap
LOST sea son 4 Episode 8

LOST started off with a montage of Michael's story. It showed most of his experience on the island as well as his exit. Team Locke is having a meeting. John has decided to tell all of his secrets to everyone. He brings Miles in from the boat house. Miles says that he is there for Ben, something that Hugo points out that we knew forever ago. Ben shares who his man on the boat is.... Michael.

On the freighter, we hear an alarm sounding and Sayid and Desmond run out to the deck to see the captain beating a man down. He was stopping him from taking the boat out and says that he was beating him up to protect everyone. After his speech, he tells Johnson to clean up the mess. Sayid confronts Michael and Michael doesn't want to talk. He tells Sayid that his is on the boat to die.

Locke is taking his prisoner back to the boat house presumably, when Sawyer stops him and asks why he didn't share the secret that their knew friends asked $3.2 million. John says that he doesn't see any banks on the island and didn't think that was important. Miles tells them that Ben gets what he wants. Example: last week he had a gun to his head and tonight he was eating pound cake.

Ben tells Alex that she needs to go to the temple, that it is the only safe place left on the island.

Kevin Johnson is in the engine room trying to get the engine working. Sayid and Desmond find him, saying the captain has sent them to help. Sayid grabs and wants answers. Michael is afraid for the people on the boat to see them talking.

Next up we see Michael off island after escaping the island writing a note to Walt in a run down apartment. He gets into an old car, with a cd player with the volume at 17 (1+7=8). And trying to commit suicide, he drives in a container on a dock.

Michael in hospital after suicide attempt. The nurse comes in and it's Libby, he's obviously scared and starts yelling she disappears. Some time later, his real nurse comes in and she says that he didn't have any i.d., and that on his suicide note it was to Walt. She's asks if she should call him.

Michael goes to his mother's house trying to see Walt, but his mom won't let him. She talks about how his plane crashed and everyone thought that everyone was dead. We see Walt in the window at Michael's mom's house apparently in Manhattan.

Michael trades Mr. Paik's watch for a gun with some bullets and walks down into a dark alley. When good old, Mr. Friendly walks up on him. Tom, his old friend, keeps him from committing suicide. After a good little fight, Tom tells him "you can't kill yourself, the island won't let you." He tells him where he's staying if he'd like to talk some more about why he tracked him down.

Michael back in his apartment. He's trying to shot himself in the head, but he can't the gun won't fire. Then he sees the news footage that Flight 815 has been found.

Michael goes to gay Tom hotel room with his friend their with him. Tom asks his "friend" to get some air. Michael tells him that he saw the plane on the bottom of the ocean. Tom says that's not your plane it's a phony. He says that Whidmore put it there, so that no one else will the find the real crash site except him. Tom provides "proof" that Whidmore fake it. He says photos of cemetary dug up in Thailand, some shipping orders and information on a friegther. Whidmore's boat is heading out of Fiji. Tom tells him that he just got a job as a deck hand and says "Meet Kevin Johnson." If Whidmore finds the island, it's good night to them all. He'll kill them all. They are sending Michael on the boat , not to return to the island, but to kill everyone on the boat....

"Kevin" is in Fiji and talks with Minkowski, and then Namoi. Namoi is from Manchester. Kevin has a crate deliver for him, she's going to have it sent to his room. Miles says to Michael as soon as he steps on the boat, "your name isn't Kevin." Tom calls Michael and asks if he got his care package, and he says to wait a couple days until your out in the open sea. Will Michael man up and do it? He says, "I'm in." He's told to ditch the phone and go do his job. We also see Frank. Namoi is talking about the science team - some need to know information.

Frank asks what's his story? Kevin says that he's looking for adventure. Frank asks about Oceanic 815. He says that the plane wasn't Flight 815, and that's why he signed up to be on this boat, and that Whidmore thinks that its still out there and he's looking for it. Frank says, "can you imagine if we found some of those people alive?"

Kevin is cleaning the deck, when he hears machine gun fire. They're shoting things, clay piegons. "I thought we're going on a rescue mission?" He asked in return, "don't you have something to mop up?" He then goes back to his room and open the case into the crate. He takes the case and unlcoks itm revealing some c4 and a denoator. The code was 7776. As he is about to iniate the bomb, Michael hears some whispers and then Libby appears! She says, "don't do it Michael." He engages the device anyway and it doesn't blow up. A note appears on an arm, and it says, "Not Yet."

Minkowski asks, "Are you going Nicholson on us?" Walt is on the radio, which why he was interpreting his ball bouncing. "Walt?" It's Ben and he says that their are people on the boat that are innocent. He says that he will not kill innocent people. Ana Lucia and Libby? Ben says that "you killed tehm, I didn't." Ben wants a list of name, every person on the boat. Then report the names when Ben calls back, then disable the radio and engine. Michael says that he will do all of those things, and Ben tells him to consider himself one of the good guys.

Sayid asks, "So you're telling me that you're working for Benjamin Linus. Sayid takes him to the captain. He tells him everything about Michael Dawson.

Rousseau Alex and Carl are in the jungle looking for the Temple, and something seems wrong. Carl has a bad feeling. Alex still trusts that Ben doesn't want her to get hurt. Carl is shot and killed. Alex and her mom are also being shot at. At the count of three, they're going to run. 1, 2, 3... they stand up and Rousseau is shot in th back. Alex is looking around the jungle and sees the movement. She yells, "Wait! Wait, don't! I'm Ben's daughter!"

Also it's confirmed that Aaron is one of the 6 in the commercial for April 24th episode.

What's the temple?Who built it?How is it still a secret?

Was that Libby's ghost each time? Was it Michael's guilty conscience? Was that the island?

Did Ben fake it? Did Whidmore fake it?

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