Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Other Woman Recap

The Other Woman Recap
Last week's episode was not the Constant. We learned more about the island, the others and Juliet. It was definitely more of a "season 3" episode, even though I liked it a lot.

Previously on the Island (briefly)
Ben is obsessed. Juliet is lonely and gets involved in adultery. We knew she and Goodwin had a relationship, but this week we learned that he was married to the Others therapist. We also learn that Goodwin worked in the Tempest, the power station with deadly gas. Ben sends Goodwin out to die much like King David sending out Uriah to his death to have Bathsheba.

Presently on the Island (briefly)
Juliet is visited by Goodwin's widow and is instructed to track down Daniel and Charoltte and kill them at the Tempest. Jack & Juliet track them down. Kate is stupid. Daniel saves the island from the evil gases. Jack and Juliet share a moment, even though Juliet seems to think that Ben will win and will destroyed anyone else she loves.


There were not many questions raised. One of those questions, where did Daniel and Charoltte get their map? I have included a screen cap on the right, with the Tempest Logo blown up. I think Michael drew them the map. I think that this one of the ways that Michael the artist gained the trust of those on the freighter. Since we all know that he is the man on the boat.

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