Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Adam Savage Mythbusting Season 4 Finale

MythBuster Adam Savage on Explosions in Season Four Finale of Lost - Popular Mechanics

Adam Savage from the popular MythBusters TV show has an article at Popular Mechanics about LOST! Here are some of his thoughts about the explosion and LOST in general.

I'm a huge fan of Lost, but sometimes my schedule keeps me from being able to watch all the episodes on time. Yesterday, after a 6-hour Lost marathon (I had no idea how far behind I'd gotten!), I was finally ready to take in last night's season finale. And after watching it, all I can say is: Holy crap.

First things first: the explosives. We blow a lot of things up on MythBusters, so I know from experience that last night Lost missed the mark. The 500 pounds of C4, that whole movie thing about "dummy triggers" and fake tripwires—it's all a load of crap. Nobody does that. At least that's what my friends at the FBI tell me. Would you want to set up explosives so that pretty much anything you did would make them go off? It's just like guessing and cutting one of the wires in the movies: Nobody would survive using that technique for very long, including Keamy and his crew. The whole training of a bomb tech is to work safely with explosives, not dangerously. There are too many ways to mess it up. Also, I'm pretty sure that C4 isn't conductive, which it would need to be to set up its wiring as a resistance feedback loop that could tell if you started to pull out the detonators. And if freezing the battery works, why not just disconnect it? Oh, right, the monitored feedback loop. But wait, C4 isn't conductive ... never mind. More

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