Tuesday, December 30, 2008

LOST Premiere Review from Jennifer Thomas

Jennifer Thomas at the Pioneer Local Blogs a member of the Sun-Times New Group has seen the first two episodes and have two articles about each of them.

Article One:  Un'Locke'd in time: A look at the 'Lost' premiere - Entertaining Ideas

"As a belated (and really exciting) present, ABC posted the two-hour Jan. 21 "Lost" Season 5 premiere on their media site. So here's a look at what goes on in the first hour of the premiere. (I ended up not holding off on watching the second episode of the premiere, so here's some "Lost" tidbits from the remaining hour.)"

Articles Two:  Look at 'Lost' Season 5 premiere take two - Entertaining Ideas

"I was planning on waiting to watch the second hour of the "Lost" Season 5 premiere on Jan. 21, but I caved and watched it all. It's interesting how things are being reinvented for Season 5: there aren't just flashbacks and flash forwards, time is pressing in from both sides (the time of the group left behind on the island and the Oceanic 6 three years into the future) and it's distorted and overlapping. Based on the premiere episodes, "Because You Left" and "The Lie," this definitely looks like it's going to be a very solid season. Here are some points from the second hour of the season premiere."

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