Monday, December 29, 2008

More Questions on LOST Season 4 Finale

We see the Oceanic 6, Desmond and Frank watch the island disappear.  Obviously they don't know what happened to the island or the people until Jeremy Bentham aka John Locke comes to see them and tells them the horror stories of what happened, which causes Jack to decide that he needs to go back and try to prevent what happened.

That's interesting enough, but what do the people remaining on the island initially think happen to those who were on the freighter?  They see the smoke and assume that their rescue is over.  Juliette is drinking after seeing the smoke, so I would think that all of those on the boat or on the way to the boat would be dead if I were them.  How did John know to go off the island to find people.  I guess Jacob told him what to do again.

Will the island bring John back to life?  Has John faked his death?  Did Christian fake his death?  Was John bitten by those spiders like the most hated LOST characters ever Nikki and Paulo?  They had to show those spiders for some reason, right?

Happy Pre-Year (It's almost New Year)


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