Saturday, February 28, 2009

How Much Time Have You LOST This Week?

LOST is an important part of my life.  Each week, I look forward to my LOST parties on Wednesday nights.  I can’t wait to hear the LOST Podcast with Jay and Jack to see what they thought about the show, and what the listeners thought as well.  I also check out whatever the Official LOST Podcast/Video Podcast is released each Thursday.  I’m glad Jay and Jack have a Monday show, because I don’t really listen to other podcasts.  I sometimes check out the Transmission.

I will miss LOST even more this year, due to the LOST parties.  I think we’ll have to have some kind of LOST rewatch parties during the long wait for season 6.

Anyway, my question is how much of your time is devoted to LOST during the season?  Is it just the 1 hour of TV time/DVR time?  Do you watch previews and clips?  Do you read the blogs?

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