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A Separate Reality – Foreshadowing the future of LOST?

This is the back cover of the book, what connection does this have with LOST?  What will the affects of young Ben being shot by Sayid?

separate reality

TV Guide’s Getting LOST – He’s Our You

There is an Interview with Young Ben.  Some Burning Questions:  why did Frank, Ben and Sun crash instead of flash?  where is Daniel?  What happened to Horace first wife?

Thursday, March 26, 2009 – Check out Jay and Jack’s New Site

Source:  Episode 1: “Nu Pilot”

3 theories, 1 mystery - EW


''He's Our You'' is the title of tonight's Lost episode. What does it mean? As I write these words on Monday morning, I can honestly tell you that I don't know. If I had to guess, I would say that the episode will forge a connection between one of the castaways and someone from the Island's Dharma Initiative past. My FOIL (Fellow Obsessive In Lost) Dan Snierson and I get a little more specific with the speculation in the new episode of Totally Lost, which you will find at the conclusion of this column. (Unless we're not totally done with it, in which case you should come back later in the day for it.) Hint: ''Is it safe?''

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A Will of Their Own -

''The world is all that is encased here; life, death, people, the allies, and everything else that surrounds us. The world is incomprehensible. We won't ever understand it; we won't ever unravel its secrets. Thus we must treat it as it is, a sheer mystery!'' — Carlos Castaneda

We are mysteries unto ourselves. Are killers born or made? Are we born evil or do we become evil? Are we products of nature or nurture? ''He's Our You,'' the tenth episode of Lost's rapidly dwindling fifth season, was a brain-melting thriller filled with deep, dark thoughts, with none bigger than this: Has Sayid changed Lost history by popping a cap in Young Ben in the Dharma Initiative past? It's the old ''If you could go back and kill Hitler, would you and could you?'' conceit, and the show winked at it when Sayid dropped the ''genocide'' bomb in describing his former employer's wickedness. However, I'm guessing that Sayid — new and improved with drug-induced pseudo-enlightenment — didn't succeed in realizing his new life's purpose, at least not yet. Shooting Ben didn't immediately cause reality to blink away, so we are left to wonder: Did the paradox-averse Overmind which regulates the course of events on the Island direct Sayid's bullet to avoid Ben's major organs? (Yo, Double-O Jarrah: Aim for the freakin' head!) Or is Young Ben simply not dead yet? You know where this is going. Next episode: ''Paging Dr. Shephard! Paging Dr. Shephard! Yet another life-saving/cosmos-preserving surgery on your arch-nemesis is waiting for you in Operating Room 306!''

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Jimmy Kimmel Secrets of LOST #7

Jimmy Kimmell Secret of LOST #6

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Ben’s Dead? Lost - “He’s Our You”

Young Ben Linus was shot by Sayid on tonight’s LOST which was awesome, thanks for trying for Sayid.  However, I don’t see how the island would allow Ben to die since it wouldn’t let Michael die until he fulfilled his purpose.

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Geronimo Jackson’s song “Dharma Lady” on iTunes

Geronimo Jackson’s song “Dharma Lady” has arrived to iTunes.  Click on this link to be taken to the song on the iTunes store: download it for free.  Below is a 1280 x 800 wallpaper I created with the album cover.

gernoimo jackson

Thursday, March 12, 2009

LOST Reference on Rug Site - Sayid Rug

I have already posted about Rugs A Bound a few weeks ago when their Designer Series rugs all have the numbers as their item numbers.  Now there is a rug on their site named after our favorite Iraqi interrogator, Sayid!  Someone at Rugs A Bound is a LOST fan.

Rugs A Bound - Rugs A Bound Select Sayid Blue Closeout Rug

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Geronimo Jackson Gear

You can buy Geronimo Jackson’s shirts, stickers and magnets at the ABC Store!

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Jimmy Fallon’s LOST Style Flashbacks & Flashforwards

Tonight on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, their opening sketch was about flashbacks.  Jimmy did the tradition rubbing your chin, harp music and wavy lines style flashback.  An “audience member” was a flashback master and he did a LOST style flashback to earlier that afternoon. 

Then Jimmy asks him to do a flashforward if he’s such master.  The flashback master says that’s impossible, but Jimmy flashes to the future and they have a Back to the Future moment when the future version of the “audience members” tells Jimmy he can’t allow Obama’s daughter to become president.

It was not a very funny sketch, and the flashbacks and flash forwards were kind of lame, but it was cool that they were referencing LOST.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

LOST: Burning questions about LaFleur'...and one answer!

Jeff Jensen’s latest post article about last night’s LOST episode.

To answer your question: No, I CAN'T write enough about Lost, thank you very much. More ideas and questions have popped into my head since filing my recap last night, such as:

Daniel Faraday wasn't seen during the 1977 portion of the episode. What happened to him? Will we finally see -- or learn more about -- the mythic founders of the Dharma Initiative, Gerald and Karen DeGroot? And then there's this: The orientation film in the Hatch was dated 1980. I now have to wonder: Did Marvin Candle and company shoot that film knowing from the time traveling castaways what was going to happen in the future?

Source:  'Lost': Burning questions about LaFleur'...and one answer! | PopWatch Blog |

Nik at Nite: Lost 5.08: LaFleur

“The record is spinning again. We’re just not on the song we want to be on.”
Well, you guys certainly had a lot to say about last week’s episode. There were 143 comments on my original blog post, and 34 on a follow-up I did about part of one scene.
This week’s episode gives us a bridge between 2005 and 2008 (or 1974 and 1977...) and there’s a LOT of food for thought in it. This one will become extremely important in episodes to come, just for what has been established. 

Source:  Nik at Nite: Lost 5.08: LaFleur

LOST 5.09 Dissected - Ankh’s and Uncles - DocArzt

Doc Artz and other apparently think that the statue is the statue of Anubis.  I’m not sure about that, but to read Doc Artz’s thought click the link below.

LOST 5.09 Dissected - Ankh’s and Uncles - DocArzt’s LOST Blog

DocArzt & Friends LOST PODCAST Premieres

It had to happen sooner or later.  DocArzt and Friends is ambling into the LOST podcasting scene - better late than never?  That remains to be seen.

In our inaugural episode, Koobie and I take a look at LaFleur - an episode we both declare one of LOST’s better character pieces to date.  We expose the Easter Egg hidden in the title (with the help of a friend), and discuss the ups and downs of shipping in the wake of Suliet.

If you have a theory, a news item, a spoiler, or an observation that you’d like to make it into the next episode, leave us a voicemail on Skype at docarztandfriends, or call us at (619) 618-0262.  Remember, the recordings could be used on the air, as is.

If you are unable to use the player below, the podcast can be downloaded directly from this link in MP3 format. We also have the enhanced version (m4a) available by clicking here.

Since we are late to the game, next weeks episode will be a retrospective of LOST season 5 so far.  Until then, namaste.

DocArzt & Friends LOST Podcast

Source:  DocArzt & Friends LOST PODCAST Episode One - LaFleur - DocArzt’s LOST Blog

Jay Glatfelter’s LOST Blog at Huffington Post

Jay hasn’t posted a blog entry about LaFleur just yet, but I assume they’ll be a post soon.

Source: Huffington Post

Lost Episode Recap: "LaFleur"

Namaste, y'all! Wednesday's episode of LOST continues the story of what happened to those remaining on the island, ping-ponging between the moment when Locke left the island and the moments leading up to the arrival of Ajira Airways Flight 316. We learn what happened when Locke turned the frozen donkey wheel, what the Dharma Initiative was like in the 1970s and what the heck LaFleur is.

We briefly recap the disappearing wishing well situation, with Sawyer still hanging on to the rope that ends in solid earth after the flash.

So when are we now? "I'd say way before [the well was built]," snarks Miles, and they all look up to see an ancient-looking, gargantuan statue off in the distance. It has longish hair, pointy ears and a brush cut on top. It's wearing a toga. We're meant to believe that this is what the four-toed statue fragment comes from, but it begs the question: Does Jin remember seeing it before?

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Jimmy Kimmel Secrets of LOST 5

Four Toed Statue on LOST “LaFleur” Holding Ankhs

Pharoah Ramses II at Memphis24toedStatue The Four Toed Statue from this weeks episode of LOST looks like the statue of Ramses II that was in the ancient capital of Egypt Memphis.  The body, clothing, arms and hands look very similar.  The statue on LOST is holding an Ankh in each hand.  You can click on the thumbnail on the right to see a larger version of that picture.

The previous post was about the Ankh, but it is basically a symbol of life. 


The island offers life. 

Eternal Life perhaps:  Richard Alpert
Resurrected Life:  John Locke
Healing:  John & Rose and probably others

The Ancient Ankh Symbol of Life – LOST “La Fleur”

We saw the Ankh a couple of times in the latest episode of LOST. We saw that Paul had one and Amy kept it after his death, which later caused a fight between her and Horace. My next post will be about the other time we saw the Ankh (The Four Toed Statue). The rest of this post is a quote from another source that helps explains what the Ankh is.

A Mirror Box in the shape of an Ankh The Ankh was, for the ancient Egyptians, the symbol (the actual Hieroglyphic sign) of life but it is an enduring icon that remains with us even today as a Christian cross. It is one of the most potent symbols represented in Egyptian art, often forming a part of decorative motifs.

The ankh seems at least to be an evolved form of, or associated with the Egyptian glyph for magical protection, sa. However, what the sign itself represents is often disputed. For example, Sir Alan Gardiner thought that it showed a sandal strap with the loop at the top forming the strap, but if so, the symbolism is obscure and so his theory has found little real favor early on. However, this interpretation seems to have received some acceptance among modern writers. It would seem that the ancient Egyptians called that part of the sandal 'nkh (exact pronunciation unknown). Because this word was composed of the same consonants as the word "life", the sign to represent that particular part of the sandal, was also used to write the word "life".

Source: The Ancient Ankh Symbol of Life

LOST Recap: Settling Into a Groove – Jeff Jensen

The Left Behinders, led by Sawyer, wind up finding their place with the Dharma Initiative least until they have their big reunion with some old friends

LEADER OF THE PACK Sawyer blossomed during his time with the Dharma initiative and became the born leader he never knew he could be.

If Jack is the Man of Science, and if John Locke is the Man of Faith, then I nominate Sawyer as Man of Heart. To hell with it: Can we just say he's the effin' man?!' Because in last night's Lost, he certainly was all that, plus a bag of Dharma chips. The kind of dude all the boys want to be; the kind of hunk that all the girls wanna get with — provided they're cool with his new slightly shorn and less stubbled look. Stepping up as leader, savior, and super-cool boyfriend — and succeeding wildly at all three — Sawyer found himself born again in the Dharma Initiative past. He seemed perfectly at home, perfectly at ease, perfectly self-realized within the confines of the trippy-hippy Utopian commune. Making the ex-con the head of Dharma security? Genius. Coupling him with fertility doc-turned-motor pool mechanic Juliet? Totally worked for me. Kudos to Josh Holloway and Elizabeth Mitchell for selling us on the best romance Lost has ever given us. Consider my membership in the Skater/SawKate/Kateyer 'shipper club resigned, chopper kiss be damned. But bliss is fleeting on Lost, and so, after Sawyer told Dharma's troubled uber-nerd Horace Goodspeed that he could barely remember the face of the girl that got away, we got the moment the entire season had been setting us up for. As Sawyer locked eyes with his former (?) fugitive dreamgirl, newly returned to the Island, I heard Sawyer's internal monologue say ''Oh, yeah. I, like, totally love you. Er, I mean, loved you. I mean: Crap!'' If they gave Emmy nominations for meaningful gazes, Holloway should start ironing his tuxedo T-shirt and best ripped jeans, because he'd be going to the ceremony.

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