Thursday, March 5, 2009

Four Toed Statue on LOST “LaFleur” Holding Ankhs

Pharoah Ramses II at Memphis24toedStatue The Four Toed Statue from this weeks episode of LOST looks like the statue of Ramses II that was in the ancient capital of Egypt Memphis.  The body, clothing, arms and hands look very similar.  The statue on LOST is holding an Ankh in each hand.  You can click on the thumbnail on the right to see a larger version of that picture.

The previous post was about the Ankh, but it is basically a symbol of life. 


The island offers life. 

Eternal Life perhaps:  Richard Alpert
Resurrected Life:  John Locke
Healing:  John & Rose and probably others


  1. Bens arm got healed to when returning to the island.

  2. I was reading all over the place and there are too many theories.
    People should wait but I like the theories and i'm glad they are there.
    My favorite one is of Anubis and Richard.
    Anubis is the god that is lord of the underworld.
    Like the Devil is lord of hell asn his "tool" is the Grim Reaper, i expect Anubis' tool is the black smoke.

    Also, Richard Alpert ... R.A
    He could be Ra the Sun god (which would explain his immortality and his mascara) But someone said they would doubt the highest of all gods would walk around on a random island.
    In my opinion, the staue can't be of anyone so far, as there is too much evidence against all the possible candidates.