Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lost Episode Recap: "LaFleur"

Namaste, y'all! Wednesday's episode of LOST continues the story of what happened to those remaining on the island, ping-ponging between the moment when Locke left the island and the moments leading up to the arrival of Ajira Airways Flight 316. We learn what happened when Locke turned the frozen donkey wheel, what the Dharma Initiative was like in the 1970s and what the heck LaFleur is.

We briefly recap the disappearing wishing well situation, with Sawyer still hanging on to the rope that ends in solid earth after the flash.

So when are we now? "I'd say way before [the well was built]," snarks Miles, and they all look up to see an ancient-looking, gargantuan statue off in the distance. It has longish hair, pointy ears and a brush cut on top. It's wearing a toga. We're meant to believe that this is what the four-toed statue fragment comes from, but it begs the question: Does Jin remember seeing it before?

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