Friday, January 29, 2010

More LOST references of Rugs Website

How will LOST end? Can we find clues on this rug website? Even more LOST references have been found on the rug website Rugs A Bound. The site features several collections of rugs with LOST related names. View the There is a Burke Collection like Juliet Burke. There is a Sayid Collection like Sayid Jarrah original survivor of Flight 815. There is also a Dharma Collection like the defunct Utopian society from the 70's destroyed by the Others in the 90's. There is even a Tania Collection which is the first name of the actress who plays Alexandra Rousseau, Tania Raymonde.

Also on this site there is line of rugs called the Designer Series which features the numbers from LOST as the product SKUs below are three examples of the 89 rugs featured in this collection. 1989 was when Daniel Rousseau and her team crashed on the island.

Designer Series DS0408 Brown Melodon Rug
Designer Series DS1516 Beige Leopard Jag Rug
Designer Series DS2342 Light Blue Sunshine Braided Rug

LOST seems to be all over this site. Is Rugs A Bound part of Dharma or Hanso? Does Whidmore operate Rugs A Bound?

Jimmy in GA

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