Thursday, May 24, 2007


After watching the season finale, were you left LOST? I had actually read some spoilers that weren't marked as spoilers of what was going on and how it ended, and when i read it, I thought it was ridiculous and just couldn't see it actually happening. Oh but it did, just like the post had said. I really did not like the ending. I was let down. Everything definitely changed, and there are so many questions that need to be answered now. Will I still watch? oh course. I hope that season 4 opens well, nine months from now.


I don't think Charlie had to die, he could've stepped out of the room and then closed and locked the door, he had the time.

What's up with the temple? Where is it? What do they worship there? Is it another station? Is it part of Dharma or a temple built by others prior to Dharma?

Jack and Kate in 2007, some have said they've seen the date on the newspaper. I looked, I couldn't see it anywhere. The Motorola phone and the line about "still pulling people from burning wreckage," make me think it probably is pretty much present day. Otherwise, I would think that Jack and Kate not only knew each other before the crash, but had been to island perhaps as part of Dharma.

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