Monday, January 7, 2008

What to Watch in '08

Great '08 Televisionary: What to Watch in the New Year!:

"1. Lost (ABC, Jan. 31): Boy, they weren't kidding when they called the season-three finale 'Through the Looking Glass.' In the eight produced episodes of season four, the show begins to look back at the Island, and the survivors of Oceanic 815, from distant vantage points far removed in both time and space from the crash-era story. Meanwhile, rescue arrives, in the form of Not Penny's Boat, but seeing as how it's Lost, that's not all it's cracked up to be. This year's new crop of characters (following on the heels of the tailies and the Others) are the boaties, played by a crackerjack team of actors including Jeremy Davies, Rebecca Mader, Jeff Fahey and Ken Leung. Meanwhile, the newly possible flash-forwards will reveal shocking fates (not to mention some shocking allegiances) for the survivors. In the first few eps, look for lots of hostage situations, a division of the Losties between Team Jack and Team Locke, interrogations, lies (Ben) and a couple of shootings. Just another day on the beach!"

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