Thursday, February 7, 2008

LOST Season 4 Episode 2 Confirmed Dead - On Island Recap

Team Jack
Meets up three newbies: Daniel Faraday (the physicist), Miles Straume (Ghostbuster), Frank Lapidus (drunk pilot). All three of their flashbacks feature a confirmation of Oceanic Flight 815 being found on the bottom of the India Ocean. It still didn't say when. Jack and Kate meet Daniel first. He is very nervous. Jack sees the gun and doesn't trust him. They tell him about the phone, since he's LOST his. The team can use the phone to track each other down with the little transponder. He calls the freighter and talks with him on speaker phone at first and then on regular mode. That phone signals pops up on the screen and they see another one, Miles'. They go to track him down. Also soon there after they a box from the copter with gas masks and hazardous material bags. He awkwardly says he's not in charge of packing. Miles is on the rocks near the ocean and looks to be knocked out, but he's not. He holds the gun on Jack and Kate and they eventually take him to where Naomi is, and he does his best paranormal state impression and says she died like Kate and Jack told him that John killed her.

Sayid and Juliet get worried and go out looking for Jack and Kate. They go back to the cockpit and then track them from there. They sneak up and play calvary saving the day by hiding in the jungle with their gun pointed at Miles and Daniel. They find what they think is Charlotte but it a clever diversion of Vincent with a transponder around his neck, and not too much later they find the pilot and the helicopter. The helicopter landed and is still in working condition. Juliet tells Frank her real name and he says that she wasn't on the plane and then Miles freaks out and starts asking where he is. They are there looking for what Ben tells Team Locke.

Team Locke
Ben is still playing all of his mind games with Karl, Sawyer and Locke. All three of them come close to killing him at one point. They find Charlotte Staples Lewis (C.S. Lewis, the archaeologist) as she is dropping out of a tree that she was stuck in. She's excited to be alive until she sees them. She's asking a lot of questions and Locke doesn't like it when Hurley starts to give some of those answers. They take her with them against her will.

Locke tells Sawyer that he's getting "his orders" from Walt. He told them that Walt was taller. Sawyer says something along the lines of "So taller ghost Walt told you to kill Naomi?" Walt told him to stop her from communicating with the boat. He also tells them about Ben shooting them and show off his wound. Locke says something kind of amazing. "I probably wouldn't have made it if there had still been a kidney there."

Later she tries to run away and Ben shots her twice in the chest. For a moment, I thought John had the gift of healing, but she was wearing a bullet proof vest. Ben tells Locke not to kill him, because he has answers. Locke asks what's the monster, the smoke monster? Ben says he doesn't know, but then Ben tells the group all about Charlotte and her team so they won't kill him, and they don't. He also tells them what they want; him. He says that he knows all of this, because he has a man on their boat.

Flight 815 was "found." The people were declared dead.
Ghosts exist. People can communicate with them.
The people on the freighter came looking for Ben.

Why are they looking for Ben? I would assume the purge.
Who does Ben have on that boat? I'm thinking, oh course, Michael! I still don't understand why Harold Perrineau has been listed in the credit since he hasn't been in either episode.
What does C.S. Lewis have to do with LOST? Most people know C.S. Lewis from The Chronicles of Narnia. One thing about the seven books in that series, people got to Narnia in different ways. Perhaps people get to the island in different ways. Two other popular pieces of ficiont are "The Screwtape Letters" and "The Great Divorce." Also, apart from teaching at Oxford and writing fiction. C.S. Lewis was a Christian theologian and apologist. The writers of LOST have used famous names from philosophy before.

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