Monday, February 11, 2008

Is Amelia Earhart on the island?

Amelia was featured in the book club in Season 3, and in the 12th Missing Piece "The Envelope." Well just about two week prior to that Missing Piece premiered on Verizon phones and on Amelia Earhart was "featured" in Sam Thomas picks ups a broadcast from the day that Amelia Earhart went missing. Similar to when Sayid and Hurley were listening to some old big band music. Hurley jokingly asks from what time was the music coming from.
Also in season 3, Juliet in "One of Us" is taken to a private airport by Richard Alpert named Herarat Aviation. Herarat is an anagram for "Earhart".

I think that this really could be Amelia Earhart, but I think that would be Ezra James Sharkington jumping on LOST (the jumping of the shark).

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