Friday, February 29, 2008

I've got my LOST Via Domus

First thing first, if you plan on playing this on your computer, you have to have a HD video card. I got one yesterday and and a HD monitor as well. These wonderful new items are not to just to play this game, but I get to because of buying them.

I've played the first two episode last night and this morning. It basically works like an episode of the show. You have certain objectives each mission to do, and once you do them something surprising happens and it cuts to "LOST."

The pictures on the right is the solution to the fuse puzzle in the 2nd episode. Once you solve this problem, you can get your camera out of the locked storage compartment in the airplane cockpit area.

I've enjoyed exploring the island so far and the puzzle haven't been too difficult. The hardest part thus far in my mind was navigating the jungle to get the cockpit. Anyway, just thought I'd share.


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  3. It sounds really good up to a point. Mainly since the producers say that they will not be dealing with "alternate futures" or "possible futures."