Thursday, February 14, 2008

LOST Season 4 Episode 3 The Economist Off Island Recap

LOST Season 4 Episode 3: "The Economist"
Off Island Recap - If you don't want to know what happened don't read this.

Sayid is playing golf in this flash forward at an exclusive European (possibly Italian) golf course. While he is about to tee off, an Italian man drives up in a golf cart and says that Sayid is the first person he's seen on the course all day. They start talking and make a wager on who can get the ball closest to the pin. The man suggests 50 EUR. Sayid ups to 100 EUR. The man asks what he does, and Sayid says nothing. The man ask where he got his wealth and his wealth. He tells the man that he's one of the Oceanic 6. The man is terrified and after driving the ball and getting closer to the pin. Sayid pulls out a gun shots and kills Mr. Avellino.

Sayid meets a lady named Elsa in a German coffee shop. He orders an Espresso and says that he's a headhunter. Which made me think, assassin. He then clarifies by saying corporate recruiter. The young lady explains her job and she's paid well to be at her bosses' beckon call when he's in town, but he's only in town occasionally. She think she recognizes Sayid from somewhere. He tells her if she lets him take her to dinner, He'll tell her where she knows him from. After drawing the location of the date on a map, she leaves. As he is walking down the street, he uses a fancy flip phone to call someone and say "I've made contact." He then throws the phone in the trash.

Sayid shows up for his 5th date with Elsa in a tuxedo. Elsa says that will leave her beeper, the ancient technology, but Sayid says he doesn't want to be the cause of her getting fired. Elsa asks is Sayid has a boss, and he tells her that "everyone has a boss." He was supposed to only supposed be in German for one week, but he's still there. He says is because its taking longer than he though to finished his job.

Sayid and Elsa are lying in bed apparently after some relations. She tells him that she knows that he's one of the Oceanic 6. He's happy and they share a passionate kiss, as the beeper goes off. She's got to go to meet her boss. Sayid jumps up and tells her while she's getting dressed that she should leave Berlin because people are going to ask what happened to her boss. She says that he used her to get to her boss, which is true. She asks if he's going to kill him, and he tells her that her boss is not an Ecnomoist. Sayid is shot is the shoulder region. She calls her people and tells them that he didn't suspect anything and that he's not dead and she'll bring him to the safe house. Sayid break a mirror and grabs a gun and shots her multiple times killing her. As she's laying on the floor, he crawls over to her and closes her eyes as he cries.

Sayid goes to a veternian office after he's been shot. We see dogs in cages and then an examine room. A voice says, "take off your shirt." "Is she dead" "Why didn't she kill you?" She was trying to get info. It's revealed that BEN is Sayid's boss with a list of people to kill. Ben reminds Sayid about what happened to them, and tells him that he has another name. Sayid responds, "They know I'm after them now." Ben says, "Good!" LOST

Why is Sayid an assassin?
Why is Sayid working for Ben?
Who is on the lost?
Who is this Economist?
Who was that Italian man?
Why is Ben is Germany?

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