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Lost Season 4 Episode 3 The Economist On Island Recap

LOST Season 4 Episode 3 "The Economist"
On Island Recap

Jack and Juliet are talking about Ben, when Miles continues questioning them about finding Benjamin Linus. He’d get paid a lot of money. They tell him that they know where he is, with Locke and the rest of the survivors. Sayid is on the sidelines listening to Miles, Jack and Kate. He’s looking at Naomi’s bracelet and “N. I’ll always be with you. R.G.” He tells them that they’re not going anyway, and asks the pilot if the helicopter will fly. The pilot says that he can’t carry much weight because of all the fuel they burned coming in. He tells the pilot that he will get Charlotte back if he will take him to the boat.

Sayid finds the pictures of Desmond and Penny that Naomi had which still doesn't make sense. Juliet is sent to to beach to get Desmond, it should take her a couple of hours. Miles quickly lets Sayid know that he's going with him to get Charlotte.

Locke leads his team to where the cabin is supposed to be. He find the ash, but no cabin. Locke wasn’t sure what to do, but when he’s pressured and Ben plays his mind games, Locke acts like it’s not a big deal. Sawyer brings up that Jack’s team and the rest of the boat people will know where they’re heading. Hurley asks why they can’t let Charlotte go. John wants to keep her, because she’ll be a valuable hostage. Hurley didn’t sign up for hostages. He wants to let Charlotte go as a sign of good faith. Hurley has a problem with Locke making the decisions.

Jack and Kate are talking and he thinks that she should go with them, because he knows Sawyer won't let Locke hurt her. So Kate goes along. Sayid still has the bracelet. He asks Miles about his connections with teh ladies on his team. He doesn't really know them or care about them. He just wants to complete the mission.

Daniel is acting strange trying to find a place a conduct an experiment. He puts up a tripod and pull out some fancy equipment. He asks the pilot if he can borrow the phone to call Regina. The pilot tells him to hang up if it's not Regina. Daniel asks her to send the payload. She does and tracks it and says that it arrives at the destination, but it does not arrive where the beckon is.

Kate, Sayid and Miles find the Barracks. When they get there its deserted, and they found Hurley locked in a closet. He tells them what has gone on with Locke, and how in his opinion how he had gone off the deep end. Hurley also asks Miles if the people on the boat where there to kill them. Miles says, “not yet.” Hurley does tell them that Locke said something about going to Ben's house before they leave.

Jack asks Frank if the Red Sox really won the series. Frank says he doesn't want to talk about it, because he's from the Bronx and that he bleeds Yankee blue. Jack then mumbles something about being on the island 100 days. Just about the time the payload arrives. Inside the shell is a clock. The watch that he pulls out of the shell is apparently 31 minutes off from what he thinks the time should be. 2:45:03 and 3:16:23 are the time shown on the clocks. "31 minutes, this is not good." Juliet and Desmond show up to distract us from the Back to the Future moment.

Sayid, Miles and Kate go over to Ben's house trying to find some kind of clue. They find an empty house. Kate finds and empty closet. Sayid sees some marks on the floor in front of a bookcase and moves it out of the way. In this hidden room, he finds lots of clothes, money and passports. The money looks old. At least one of the passports is for Ben. Kate is looking under a bed and sees boats, which look like Sawyer's feet. It is Sawyer, he tells her to be quiet, but she calls out to Sayid. Sayid comes out of the secret room and Locke has a gun on him. Hurley says "Sorry dude."

While Locke talks with Miles, Sayid is put in the rec room/prison with Ben. Ben says he has no use for friends he can't trust. Sayid says something to the effect the day I trust you is the day I sell my soul. Kate and Sawyer talk about playing house on the island, and Kate decides to stay and see how long they could. Locke doesn't get any answers from Miles. He brings iced tea for Sayid. Locke tells Sayid about Ben's man on the boat. Oh course, Ben won't reveal his secret. Sayid wants to make a deal for Charoltte so he can go see what's happening on the boat.

Daniel is still looking at his equipment. Desmond asks about Penny Whidmore, and Daniel and Frank give a weird look to one another, so it's obvious they're not being truthful. Frank does give the excuses that Naomi was management and they didn't exactly hang out. Desmond says he's get on the helicopter. Sayid comes back with Charoltte. He traded Miles for her. Frank says he cheated, but it okay since Miles was a pain. Charoltte, Daniel and Jack and decide to stay on the island, so there is space for one more. Sayid suggest bringing Naomi's body, and they do. Daniel has some cryptic words for Frank, "Make sure you follow the same bearing, no matter what." As they leave the island, I was expect it to disappear or something, it didn't, but it did look like a scene from Jurassic Park. LOST

What is going on with Ben?
He left the island according to the photo, but how often? how? Where did he go? And maybe when did you go in time?
What is the importance of the bracelet?
Who is R.G.?

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