Saturday, February 2, 2008

Nielsen TV Ratings for Lost January 31, 2008

Source: Overnight Nielsen TV Ratings for Thursday, January 31, 2008 including Lost

"With the season four premiere of Lost, ABC easily won the last night of January. While Lost did not have it’s biggest ratings ever, or perform as well as say Desperate Houswives, an hour worth of recap and the premiere both had solid performance in viewers and in the 18-49 demographic and both hours easily won their timeslots. And while it was still January, technically last night was the first night of February sweeps, so at least briefly — say until Sunday when the Super Bowl airs on FOX, ABC is off to a good start.

The recap performed much better than I thought it would and I’d have to concede that whether I found it any good or not, that along with about 13 million other people I watched it. The premiere itself averaged around 16 million viewers — and it definitely did leave me wanting more and anticipating next week.

More surprising to me was the performance of the premiere of ABC’s Eli Stone following the Lost premiere. The results for the first half hour will likely change some as Lost technically ran past 10pm, but Eli averaged ~12.5 million for the first half hour and 10.75 million in the second half hour."

Lost Recap: Past, Present & Future
8:30 ABC Lost Recap: Past, Present & Future 13.25
9:00 ABC Lost: Season 4 Premiere 15.95
9:30 ABC Lost: Season 4 Premiere 16.19

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