Thursday, April 24, 2008

Code 14J and the Shape of Things to Come Recap

ON ISLAND: The Jack of the future appears to be surfacing with his pill popping and him writing his own prescriptions.

The Dr. from the freighter washes ashore with a slit throat.

code 14J - The sonic fence has been turned off and Ben's phone rings with the automated message "Code 14 J." Locke and the Gang go to tell Ben, and he starts getting ready for war because "They're here!"


Off ISLAND: Ben wakes up in the desert basically shocked, as if he's gone through a portal of some sort, especially since he's wearing a winter coat with "Halliwax" on it. Two arab speaking men ride up on horses and draw guns on Ben who appears to have a gun shot wound on his right arm. He asks he they speak english, but they don't respond to any language he tries. One comes to search him and Ben beats him in the face with an awesome stick and then shots the other guy with the first's gun. Then he shots the guy after he shows he does speak English, when he says "surrender." Ben then rides off on the shot.

ON ISLAND: Jack is trying to figure out what happened to the Doc. Daniel and Charoltte says they don't know anything about it.

Ben and Locke are barricading the doors and Sawyer is looking for Claire. Sawyer gets locked out, and then gets shot at. Three random LOSTies were killed, while Sawyer was looking for Claire. Just as he's running toward her house is is shot with a bazooka and explodes.

Off ISLAND: Ben is is Tozeur, Tunsia on Oct. 21, 2005. He uses a flase name that is a perferred customers at the hotel. He says that it is not his first trip to Tunisa, but it has been a while. He sees Oceanic Six member Sayid on TV with lots of paparazzi, saying that he just wants to bury his wife.

ON ISLAND: Claire survived the blast. Sawyer takes her back to Ben's house, where Locke and Ben were going to let them stay outside until Hugo broke a window to let them in. Soon Miles shows up and says the people out there want to talk.

OFF ISLAND: Ben is Tarkit, Iraq to see Sayid. He climbs up in an old building with a camera and starts taking pictures. Sayid sees him and thinks he a paparazzi, and is going to kick some butt until he sees who it is. He's obviously surprised to see him. Ben says that he used Desmond's boat to go to Fiji and charter a plan. He tells Sayid that one of Whidmore's men killed Naidia in LA. We see Sayid's "tackling fuel" to quote the waterboy.

ON ISLAND: Miles tells him that they have his daughter. They bring her out and banter the usualy hostage situation type of things. Ben grand stands and thinks that they won't kill Alex and is in shock when she's shot.

ON ISLAND: Ben is in shock, and the others are discussing what to do. After standing in shock for a long time, he says, "He changed the rules." He goes in to a panic room and then into a tunnel.

OFF ISLAND: Ben is still in Iraq in a bar. He sees the killer, and goes to have a talk with him. Sayid comes up from behind and kills him in cold blood, and doesn't want to stop there. He wants to join Ben in his war.

ONISLAND: Ben comes out of the secret tunnel and tells Team Locke that when he gives the signal that they've got to make a run to the tree line. Sawyer says, "where those guys are." Ben says that you want to be as far away from them as possible. Then the smoke monster who looks very large this time, comes rolling through New Otherton and goes on a rampage against Whidmore's men. Team Locke figures out that Ben called it. Then they take off, and Ben says goodbye to Alex.

ONISLAND: Daniel makes a telegraph, and lies about what the boat said. Bernard knows morse code and tells them that they said, "What are you talking about? The Doctor is fine." Jack is upset, and must really be having some stomach problems, he looks like he was in some serious pain.

Miles is still with Team Locke, and Ben catches up soon after. Ben says that they are going to Jacob's cabin. He's the man that going to tell them what to do next. Sawyer, Claire, Miles and Hugo start back to the beach, and John says that "Hugo stays with us." Hugo is willing to go with Locke. Sawyer and crew take off. Ben says"follow me."

OFF ISLAND: Ben is in London, England looking for the "Kendricks" at a very late hour. He has his little baton to kick butt with. He gets in the elevator and pulls out the elevator key and goes up to the penthouse. Ben is in Charle Whidmore's bedroom. He says, "wake up Charles." After they makes some interesting conversation, Ben says that I'm here to tell you that I'm going to kill your daughter. The hunt is on for both of them. Charles for the island, and Ben for Penny.

Claire Littleton - Emilie de Ravin

Lost character profile for Claire Littleton played by Emilie de Ravin -

With everyone assuming that Claire will die soon, I thought that it would be fitting to link to this little atricle about Claire over at TVGuide. It give you all the basics, along with a funny prediction at the bottom.

Our Wild Prediction: "Upon returning to the real world, Claire becomes a minor celebrity as the quasi-girlfriend of Charlie Pace, and decides to pay the bills by giving interviews about her relationship with the now deceased rock star." - Jack Rodgers

Yunjin Kim on Lost's Return

Yunjin Kim on Lost's Return: Prepare to Be "Amazed" - Was it any special thrill, if only because of the job security, to learn you were among the Oceanic Six?
Yunjin Kim:
Initially I thought it would mean job security, but it doesn’t really look that way. It doesn't really mean anything. If you're not one of the Oceanic Six, that doesn’t mean you're going to be killed off the show. When you were reading the script for "Ji Yeon," were you led to believe that Jin was on his way to see Sun?
Yes and no. The Year of the Dragon was a pretty significant sign that we weren’t talking about in 2005. I got a sense we were in two different time zones. What is Sun's involvement in this week's new episode?
Well, usually when you do your "own" episode, you take it easy for the next one or two. But the story continues: Are we actually going to leave the island? Right now we’re going crazy trying to shoot three episodes all at once. [Laughs] We have three different units working, we're working every single day.... I think the finale is going to be amazing. I'm a huge fan of the show, and as soon as I get a script, I plow through it to see what happens next. People will be very amazed by how we end this season and set up the next one.

Jimmy Kimmel Chats with the Producers of Lost (Part 1 of 2) - TV Show Previews |

Jimmy Kimmel Chats with the Producers of Lost (Part 1 of 2) -

I've selected a couple of questions that I liked, but there's more so check it out if you want to.

Kimmel: The island heals some people and doesn't heal others. For instance, Ben needed an operation from Jack to beat cancer, but it seems like Sawyer gets injured every sixth episode and by the next, he's fine. Is that just a TV thing?
Carlton Cuse:
Wow. [Laughs] Where are the softball questions, Jimmy? What about the warm-up?
Damon Lindelof: The short answer is, it's not arbitrary. Yes, there is a certain degree of compressing story. The idea that everything you've seen has really happened in 110 days of real time feels fantastical, but that's the convention of the show. However, who gets sick and how fast they heal is something we talk about. In the second episode back [airing May 1], that becomes a major issue in the story. One character gets sick and another who has had experience being healed voices exactly that question: Is there any rhyme or reason to it?
Cuse: The healing is related to the degree to which you are in communion with the island at any given moment. Perhaps Ben getting sick and needing surgery had to do with the fact that he had fallen out of favor, that his connection with the island was maybe not what it had been in the past.

Kimmel: People come up to you all the time with theories. Has anyone come close to cracking the code?
Cuse: I think there are two assumptions that people make that are incorrect. One is that the whole answer to Lost reduces down to a sentence. It's not like searching for Einstein's Unified Field Theory. And the second is that you have enough information to "crack the code." The flash-forwards completely changed your notion of the show. So how could you do some accurate theorizing before you even knew those existed?

Kimmel: Is the person in the coffin someone who's not from the island?
Lindelof: [To Cuse] Tread lightly.
Cuse: You will know who's in the coffin before the season is over, and it will not be like, "Who's that person?"
Lindelof: The only people you can rule out, based on what you saw in last year's finale, are Kate and Jack.



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