Thursday, November 20, 2008

Who is Desmond related to? Who been seen in Hawaii? (Spoilers)

Source:  LOST Spoilers

Question: Your Lost spoiler tease inthis week's Ausiello TV is driving menuts. Can you please give us a hint as to the nature of the connection between Fionnula Flanagan's creepy ring seller and "another major character" who is not Desmond? -- Vanessa
 They're related.   

Question: The lack of Lost scoop is killing me. -- Ahmed
 Help has arrived! My Lostmole reports that Lance Reddick (a.k.a. corporate recruiter Matthew Abaddon, as well as Fringe's Phillip Broyles) was just spotted in Hawaii shooting what I assume is episode 5.6. Meanwhile, the show is casting the likely recurring role of Hal, a white dude in his 70s who can still fight the establishment and win. Team Darlton is also on the prowl for an actor to play Mike, a thirtysomething scientist who's on the brink of something big. An authentic Czech accent is required. (Of course, when isn't it?)

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