Thursday, January 1, 2009

Book Your Flight on Ajira Airways

Yesterday, I almost had it but couldn't figure it out.  Here's the answer!

JAN. 21
FLIGHT 316 11:30am
10 Adults
0 Children
Promo Code 112 114 111 109 111

Then you will see the following:

The available seats and the other things that pop up change.  Once you click on an available seat you will be able to print a boarding pass.  The one that you get from the link on the Ajira Airways site is on a full sheet of paper that is easily printable.

The other things that pop up wen you check seats for availability are pictures of Saïd Taghmaoui as "Caesar" and Zuleikha Robinson as "Ilana."  You also see a small pictures of "LAX,"  the new Dharma logo with the light house in the middle, a small picture of the inside of an airport with the Ajira Airways logo behind the desk, and what seems to been an Departure Board from an airport that has flight 316 departing at 11:30 am to Honolulu/Guam from gate 15.  Also you see the letter and numbers "N824."

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