Friday, January 23, 2009

Hurley Sees Dead People

Is Lost's Hurley the Next Ghost Romancer on ABC? - E! Online
"ABC. The dead-people network. It starts here!"

This is what Jorge Garcia playfully envisions as the ad campaign if his Lost character, Hurley, were to pull an Izzie from Grey's Anatomy and start a new romance with his dead ex-lover Libby (Cynthia Watros).

Thankfully, Jorge is completely joking (and good-heartedly so) and there are no such plans for any ghost boinking on Lost. Still, given that Hurley is the show's only (according to what boss Damon Lindelof told me yesterday) ghost seer, Jorge admits he would love to reconnect with Libby this season.

"I'm crossing my fingers that it will happen," he tells me. "It would be nice for Hurley to have something good."

And how. After all, Hugo "Hurley" Reyes is Lost's most loveable character and resident moral compass, but as we saw in last night's season-five premiere, Hurley just can't catch a break. Why? What's with the ghost visions? Is he really insane? And why did Jorge nail a costar with a rubber Hot Pocket?

Jorge spills it all...

You fire a mean Hot Pocket, my friend.
Oh, thank you! That was fun to do. Actually, Michael [Emerson] had a line, "Now that's a terrible waste of a Hot Pocket." I don't know why they cut it, but it was funny. What was awesome was that they made a bunch of rubber Hot Pockets for the scene. I actually hit Michael once with it! Then we used a real Hot Pocket to get a nice, good splat.

Damon said that Hurley's the only person who can see the dead. Do you know why?
They haven't told me anything like that. So I guess Christian Shephard doesn't count, because Jack keeps seeing him everywhere? I guess I see everybody else. We should do something then with Miles where Hurley can see the dead people and Miles can hear them, and they can have these weird discussions with the dead. I thought that Hurley being the one seeing the cabin was a pretty cool thing, and kind of reinforced the connection Hurley had to the Island that we wondered about the first time that we saw the lottery numbers appear on the hatch door.

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