Saturday, January 17, 2009

LOST Drawings

I used to draw a lot.  I have only drawn 4 pictures in the last 5 or 6  years.  3 of the drawings I drew this week and one last Labor Day.  I am posting them on my LOST blog because they are LOST related drawings.  I think as you look at these images, that as the week went along I'm starting to get my grove back in drawing.  It's fun to have some practice.


I drew the LOST message in a bottle last Labor Day which like I said was the first thing I had drawn in years.


I drew Kate from LOST last Sunday.

I finished Locke on Thursday.

I drew Jack last night in about 30 minutes. 


Tell me what you think.  I do see improvement over the course of the three this week.  I like the Jack picture the best.

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