Thursday, January 29, 2009

LOST Parties

The last two Wednesday with the return of LOST, I've been having a few friends over for LOST Parties.  Last week we had a LOST cake among other snacks and Pizza for the three event première event.  This week I was inspired to find some Dharma labels and I did last night.  I made three Dharma sodas, 2 cans of Dharma peanuts, 5 Dharma Chocolate bars, and some Dharma Salsa Con Queso.  I plan to make more each week for the LOST parties.  Kate, Angela, Jamie and I played Office DVD Trivia game afterwards which was fun, even though it was not LOST related other than Dwight K. Shrute mentions LOST from time to time on the Office.
SANY0437 SANY0438 SANY0436

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