Thursday, January 29, 2009

LOST Recap - Season 5 Episode 3 "Jughead"

This episode was Desmond-centric off island.  Desmond is seen running frantically looking for a doctor in a flashback of Penny having a baby, whose name is Charlie!  (Awe)  Then we move to normal future time and Desmond is talking about a special island, the UK.  Penny spoils the fun about the parts that Desmond was leaving out; like when he broke her heart.  She says that her father is a very dangerous man. 

3 freighter folk and 2 log carrying guys, and the log carrying guys die oh course.  Charlotte is getting worse.  Daniel is stepping being a leader.  Myles sees a trip wire and these guys get blow up.  How are people dying back in the 50s not affecting the future?  Elli comes out of the jungle with all of her people and says something that it sounds like she's saying "you again?", but it seems that she was referring to the US army.

Desmond off island promises that this mission is a one day thing and that it will be earlier.  Penny wants him to promise that he'll never go back to the island, and he basically says why would want to go back.

Daniel is the leader for real now, very smart in dealing with "The Others."  Locke examines that gun and says that the old gun looks new.  Juliet speaks Latin as do they, because they're others.  The Others are taking the the freighter folks and Myles has the flash of the 4 US soldiers dying three with gun shots and 1 through radiation.  They get the to MASH looking army camp, and Richard Alpert is their leader.  Faraday works well with Richard, he plays the part of the US army.

Desmond can't find any info about Faraday, but his stuff is still in his old lab.  Desmond talks to some weird guy after finding the ray, the maze and some other junk.  The crazy janitor tells him to forget about Faraday and says something cryptic about something that Daniel did to a girl.

The freighter folk are still being held by the Others and they are discussing that they need to play along with the fact that the Others think that they are US Army people.  Faraday convinces Alpert that he will not detonate the bomb, because he loves Charlotte. 

Juliet, Sawyer and Locke are carrying their prisoners through the jungle.  Jones snaps the guys neck that Juliet is talking to.  Locke does not shot the guy, but Sawyer tries to shot him and misses.  The others runs away.

Desmond is looking for Teresa Spencer, apparently the lady in the photo that the creepy janitor was talking.  Desmond meets her sister and she lets him in when he mentions Faraday.  The woman is apparently is jumping through time, but has not died and perhaps her sister is her constant.  She is trapped, perhaps.  Daniel left her in that state and Charles Whidmore has helped her ever since.

Faraday and Charlotte have a moment, because he's admitted his love for her.  Richard says that the US army had set up camp and that they had to kill them, and that he was taking orders.  The Other that got away runs into camp and Richard asks if he was followed, but he thinks that he couldn't be tracked by the old man especially since he doesn't know the island like he does.

Juliet and Locke have a little conversation about Richard Alpert, and how old he is.  Locke leaves them behind to go meet with Alpert, while Sawyer and Juliet go to save Faraday.

Faraday is taken out by Elli to check on the bomb, which is hanging precariously and he finds a link.   He talks to her and tells her that its dangerous and that they need to bury it in lead and cement.  He does tell her that he is from the future.  I think that's talking about Swan Station.  We don't know where they buried it at this point. 

Desmond goes to see Whidmore and confronts him about Faraday and his mother.  Mrs. Hawkins is Daniel's mom it definitely seems.  Whidmore tries to warn Desmond to stay away and hide.

John Locke comes into camp looking for Alpert, and says that "Jacob sent me."  We find out that Jones is Whidmore, Charles Whidmore.

Desmond goes back to the boat with Penny and he lies to her, but she knows and they decide to go to LA

John tells Richard about who he is and that he meets Richard in later.  Richard tells him that it is 1954 - May 20, 1956 is Locke's birthday and John tells him to go look him up.  Locke heard the time shift noise, and everything disappears.  It looks like Charlotte is getting worse and perhaps going to die soon.  LOST

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