Friday, January 23, 2009

Lost Redux Jan. 21 - E!Online

Check out the full article: Lost Redux: Who Won't Survive Another Week? - E! Online

This is a great article about the kick off of the season and there's a sneak peek at what's happening next week at the end!

Notable Quotables

"Find a suitcase. If there's anything you want in this life, pack it in there, because you're never coming back." —Ben to Jack

"Why there is a dead Pakistani on my couch?" —Hurley's mom

Easter Eggs

  • Did you catch Marvin Candle's reference to the hostile indigenous population? Do you think there is any relation to the people that Desmond's hatchmate referred to as the hostiles? And how the heck do they fit into the matrix of the Island ghosts, Jacob, the whisperers, forever-young Richard Alpert, Dharma and the Others? This show has explained a lot by this point, but the anthropology of the Island still makes no sense!
  • In Papa Hurley's sitting room, the voice on the TV saying "Previously on Exposé..." was none other than executive producer Carlton Cuse. Maybe he's trying out a new career path in voiceover work?

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