Thursday, January 22, 2009

Time is a Like Street

Time is like a street - I feel a parody song coming on.  Anyway, just a couple of more thoughts about the LOST season first two episodes. 

Thought/Theory One:
Myles said that it took Whidmore more than 20 years to find the island the first time so he wasn't sweating him trying to find them now, which is interesting.  That would probably mean somewhere around the time of the purge would've been the time that Whidmore would have been looking for the island.  Did Whidmore move the island at that time, when the island/Jacob/destiny called Ben as the leader of the Others.

Thought/Theory Two:

Daniel explains that time is like a street that you can move forward on that street and move backward on that street, but you cannot ever create a new street because you will fail overtime.  That is the exact opposite of time travel things ever.  People make the smallest change that changes the futures drastically from Back to the Future to the Simpsons to Quantum Leap, etc.  I feel like those left behind that are skipping like a record in time are like Sam Beckett leaping from life to life hoping each time that the next leap will be the leap home.

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