Thursday, January 22, 2009

When am I? - LOST Season Five Begins

When am I?  What a wonderful question?  When are the LOSTies that were left behind?  As far as they go, it was obvious that Frogurt had to die since this was his first time in real episodes (Missing Pieces and references only prior to these two episodes).  Also I love that Daniel Faraday ended up back in the 70s working on the construction of the Orchid, but how?  Also love that the rules of time travel and such do not apply to Desmond Hume.

There was many cool things that happened on the time traveling island that's moving around like a record that is skipping.  We got to see drug smugglers crash and Locke got shot by Ethan, and then meet up with Richard who somehow knew exactly what was going on.  Perhaps he like Desmond is immune to the time travel effects.  We also got see Daniel meet up with Desmond at some point prior to his contact with the people on Flight 815. 

There were a few other highlights, such as the weird soldiers that came out of nowhere with flaming arrows and guns to kill the remaining log carry guys.  I didn't know there were anymore.  Locke came in to save the day for Juliet and Sawyer who it looks like will be spending a lot more time together as the de facto leaders.

Off the island, it was interesting how almost all of the Oceanic Six joined up in LA at the time as Ben and his people where there with John's body, which sounds like it's very important to Ben that they keep a close watch on, so maybe our friend Locke is not dead at all. 

Kate gets the weird visit from the lawyer and goes on the run, and while driving around and passing Hurley and Sayid at a gas station, she got a call from Sun.  They meet up in a hotel and it seems miraculous that Sun would call at the exact time when Kate was running away.  With the previous two meetings we saw with Charles Whidmore that Sun is up to something.  My theory is that she is the one who sent the lawyers so that she would have an opportunity

Hurley was definitely a focus both of these episodes as he and Sayid were on the run and then he was blamed for several murders.  The cops were as on his trail, but Ana Lucia came to Hurley and gave him some great advice.  To change clothes, stay away from the cops and go somewhere safe.  Hurley went to his parents and as Sayid wasn't getting better eventually they called Jack to help him and Hurley's dad took Sayid to Jack.  Jack called Ben and told him what was happening.  So Ben shows up at Hurley's house, and Hurley is freaked out and doesn't trust Ben so his give himself up to the police.

Also Ben only has 70 hours to get this right.  70 hours to what?  Leave?  Get back to the island?  Revive John Locke?  Save the world?  Save the island?  Save the cheerleader?  Oh sorry, wrong show.  =)

There's a ton of stuff happening on these episodes.  It was a lot of fun, it just went by way too fast. 

Anyway, I had a great time watching the series premiere tonight.  In fact, I had my first LOST party with some friends over we even had a LOST cake! 

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