Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Little Prince Recap - LOST Season 5

LOST On Island

Charlotte is out cold for a while.  Daniel and Juliet try to help her.  She wakes up and for a minutes doesn't remember Daniel.  He think that her symptoms are so bad because of prolonged exposure to the island before the time jumping.  John tells Sawyer that they need to go to the Orchid to try and save the island and he wants to attempt to leave the island like Ben did.  He tells Sawyer that the Oceanic 6 are alive.  They set out for the beach to the Zodiac boat to sail to the part of the island where the Orchid is, in half the time.

It's night and as they are trekking we see a light shinning in the sky, the night Boone died and John was pounding on the hatch.  John says to avoid that and won't tell when they are when Daniel asks.  They hear screams and Sawyer goes ahead and sees Kate delivering Claire's baby.  Myles tells Daniel that his nose has starting bleeding.  Then flash happens and it's day and they head toward the beach again.  When they get their it's in the future after the freighter explosion, because the camp is back but destroyed.  They find a couple of old school looking canoes.  Like the ones at the beginning of season 3 with Carl.  Their is an Ajira Airways bottle in their.  Which means that's the Oceanic Six's canoe as far as I know from the Ajira Airways web stuff.

They take off in the canoe for the other part of the island.  I was wondering what would happen if a flash happens when their in the water, and we find out.  however, before that the other canoe is chasing them and someone is shooting at them.  They try to paddle away and then Juliet shoots someone on the other canoe.  They people are black out like the tail section people at the beginning of season 2.  Just as it seems things are there worst a flash happens and Sawyer says "Thank you Lord."

Then flash into a storm with the canoe and paddles and try to go to land.  They get to a beach.  Sawyer and Juliet share a moment and her nose starts bleeding.  Charlotte stumbles onto some wreckage.  A plane crash, no a boat.  Then we see life raft kind of Oceanic Six type, but they're speaking French.  They see someone laying face down on a board, and pull them on board and it's Jin!  They get to land the next morning and a woman talks with Jin when he wakes up.  She can speak English, and it seems the rest can't.  She gives Jin some water and then pulls off her jacket revealing a pregnant stomach.  Who is it?  Well she tells us straight forwardly, my name is Danielle Rousseau.  Jin in shocked.


LOST Off Island

Kate is with Sun before she goes to meet the lawyers.  Sun is watching Aaron.  The lawyer tells Kate that she has to give the blood, she's in no place to make demands, etc.  She wants to know if the person doing with will meet with her if she gives the blood.  The lawyer tells her that he is meeting with the client later in the day and he will ask even though the answer will be no.  Kate is on stake out duty waiting for the lawyer to go to his meeting.

Jack is helping Sayid in the hospital and a hospital official comes in and asks him what he's doing there since he's on suspension for substance abuse.  Hurley calls Jack from prison and tells him to tell Sayid that he did what he said and hung up.  Ben shows up and asks how Sayid is doing.  Sayid is attacked by one of Ben's goons apparently who has Kate's address in his pocket.  Sayid shoots to tranquilizers into him.  So I guess he's alive.  Then Ben, Jack and Sayid head out.  Jack is worried about Kate because of the address.  Sayid drives Ben's van with or without John?

Jack talks with Kate and goes to her.  She is on stake out duty and the lawyer comes out and they follow him to a hotel where Claire's mom is.  She is not the one trying to take Aaron.  Jack tells Kate to call Sun and tell her to meet them at the Longbeach pier. 

Sayid and Ben pull into a garage and the same lawyer comes to meet with Ben and says that Hurley will be free in the morning.

When the group meet up at the pier, Kate does like Ben being there and he admits that he's the one asking for the blood.  Sun shows up with her gun and apparently next week she'll point it at some people.

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