Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lost Episode Recap: "The Little Prince" -

 Namaste! Wednesday's episode of Lost, titled "The Little Prince," proved to be a doozy in terms of at least one character's presumed fate! We learned how Kate became Aaron's mommy, how Ben's sinister (?) hand appears to be behind everything, why everyone's noses are bleeding and who might not be so dead after all.

Wikipedia tells me that the French novel from which this episode takes its name is about a prince who is stranded in a desert, but eventually visits six planets, each inhabited by a different single character. See if any of these characterizations sound familiar: The King; The Conceited Man; The Drunkard/Tippler; The Businessman; The Lamplighter; and The Geographer. I'm not sure how any of this dovetails with the Lost funhouse just yet, but, as usual, I am in awe of the producers' level of detail, and I am paying close attention.

Let's assume, for the moment, that the Little Prince in question is Aaron. Wednesday's episode was, in part, the story of how Aaron was separated from Claire, his birth mother, and became Kate's "son." He also became a pawn in Ben's gambit to get the Oceanic 6 to agree to return to the island.

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