Friday, February 20, 2009

'LOST': The State of Season 5 -

EW: Lost has always walked this balance between being a character-driven survival show that everyone can appreciate and being a sci-fi/fantasy show best appreciated by fans of that genre. This season, you’ve really pushed the sci-fi/fantasy angle. Does this approach come with risk?

CARLTON CUSE (left): We’re trying to be bold. We realized we were going to shed some viewers by being more overtly [sci-fi] this season perhaps, but that we would reward the viewers who have stuck around for the turn in the show with some really good and interesting storytelling.

DAMON LINDELOF (right): But the show has gotten to that point now where it had to let its freak flag fly. It kind of needed to begin to announce, “You wanna know what the island is? You wanna know why these people were brought to the island? You wanna know what their purpose in being brought there is? It might be a little weirder than you would’ve hoped.” In addition, there’s always been this risk of what happens when you start giving people answers. You know, once you start telling people who the last Cyclon is, they all start whining about it. Now, the one thing that we didn’t ever want to do was not give our audience the answers. At the same time, it was really important to us this significant part of our show — the history of The Island — through the first-person perspective of characters that the audience cares about. Hence, time travel. And that’s what informed our storytelling this year. We hope that once you’ve sort of swallowed the bitter pill of skipping through time, you’ll really like it.

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