Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Michael Emerson on Season 4

IGN - LOST's Michael Emerson Talks Season 4
This interview over at IGN is pretty lengthy. They were able to speak with "Ben," just before the writers strike began last fall. I pulled out one of the questions, but there are many many more.

"IGN TV: What did you think when you read the reveal to the flash-forward in the script?

Emerson: Well, it wasn t in my script! It was left out of everybody s script except Matt [Fox] and Evangeline [Lily]. So I didn t know what they were doing until it was broadcast. I didn t see those scenes and had no idea. And at first, I suppose like everybody else, I was a little bit confused. I thought Jack with beard… what kind of flashback is this? When did he ever let his beard grow? And then when it dawned on me that this wasn t in the past, this was in the future and that some survived, but not happily… And that their post island life is every bit as fraught and filled with regret and misjudgment as their life on the island… I just thought Oh, that s really grown up." More

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