Thursday, January 31, 2008

Oceanic Air Ad during Eli Stone

The Oceanic Air commercial showed the same ladies from a previous commercials on the official website, but this time they were telling the world about their golden pass with which would let you fly whenever and go wherever you want. They say to go to find out how to get one, but as of right now that site is not working properly. The ad was "hacked" by Sam from He said that you can't trust them. It also showed Sam saying that they found flight 815 and he briefly shows some underwater footage of a Oceanic plane.

This seems to confirm what Naomi and Another Copper said about the plane. This also bring me back to a post, that I posted a while back, when was supposed to be happening? Was it supposed to be happening back in 2004? This has to happen before Naomi or Anthony come to the island. But was this happening in LOST Time, and actually in 2008? When do the Oceanic 6 get back to the real world?

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