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I've got my LOST Via Domus

First thing first, if you plan on playing this on your computer, you have to have a HD video card. I got one yesterday and and a HD monitor as well. These wonderful new items are not to just to play this game, but I get to because of buying them.

I've played the first two episode last night and this morning. It basically works like an episode of the show. You have certain objectives each mission to do, and once you do them something surprising happens and it cuts to "LOST."

The pictures on the right is the solution to the fuse puzzle in the 2nd episode. Once you solve this problem, you can get your camera out of the locked storage compartment in the airplane cockpit area.

I've enjoyed exploring the island so far and the puzzle haven't been too difficult. The hardest part thus far in my mind was navigating the jungle to get the cockpit. Anyway, just thought I'd share.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

LOST Via Domus not in Some Stores

I don't know about the stores in your town, but I checked out Target and Wal-Mart tonight and neither of them had any version of LOST: Via Domus, and it wasn't beacuase they sold out. They just didn't have it. I was told Tuesday that one of our two Game Stop would have it today, but it was closed by the time I could go looking for it.

Amazon here I come.

Watch with Kristin - Spoiler Chat

Source: Watch with Kristin - Spoiler Chat: Battlestar, LOST, One Tree Hill and More:

"Maritza in Chicago: I have come to regard your column as my go-to for anything Lost! It s nice to know I m not the only Lost junkie out there...this show is sooo awesome! So, here is my question: Do we get an Oceanic Six reveal soon? I m dying to know at least one more.

Yep...we ll know more about the Oceanic Six before the end of this first pod of eps. And speaking of that, I m hearing we might not have to wait for episode eight after all. Even though episode seven is said to make a more logical endpoint for the pod, ABC wants Betty, Grey s and Lost to return all at once on Apr. 24, so they may be bumping episode eight back from Apr. 17 to its original airdate of Mar. 20. Good news for our greedy Lost-lovin selves, yes?"

Carrie in Columbus, Ohio: After that awful Kate-Sawyer fight in last week's Lost, I felt like I did when Ross and Rachel broke up for the first time in Friends. Angst is great, especially between Kate and Sawyer, but can you tell us if there's any chance they'll make up or at least share some scenes in upcoming episodes?

Sawyer and Kate are totally on a break for at least episodes five and six. No word yet on if during said break Sawyer sleeps with the girl from the copy place. That said, Skaters, don't tune out yet. From what I've heard, even sans Skate, eps five and six are absolute barn burners.

Diana in Phoenix: Anything on Juliet from Lost?
Her upcoming flashback ep is entirely located on the Island. And yet it guest stars Alan Dale as Charles Widmore. That's what Arsenio would call a thing that makes you go hmmm...

David in Dallas: Do you have anything on my favorite Other: Juliet?

She's going on a little field trip to the Orchid Station. As in the station unveiled this summer at Comic-Con, with the "highly volatile and potentially dangerous" research—and them creepy numbered bunnies. I'm also hearing something about a field of skeletons...

Benny in El Paso, Texas: Do you have any scoop on Jacket in Juliet's episode? Thanks!

I'm told she's the one who initiates the kiss. Tramp! Kidding. Love her.

Keeping Awake in Montclair, New Jersey: How will Ken Leung's New York stage commitment affect Lost? Is he already off the show?

I suspect an understudy for that play might be getting his big shot sometime soon. Ken's people didn't have an official restart date for Lost, so they've been going ahead with other jobs, but Ken's contracted through the season to play regular character Miles, so don't assume Locke's breakfast of champions did him in, at least not yet. Meanwhile, our girl Gina Serpe hit the Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday, and Fisher Stevens (Minkowski, the guy tied to the bed in this week's Lost previews) said he would be returning to Hawaii next week to resume filming his role on Lost. (Join me in a Snoopy dance joy at the news that Lost is back in front of the cameras soon!)

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LOST Via Domus Shipping Today!

These video games are produced in association with the writers and producers of LOST. This looks to be an exciting time to be a LOST fan, they shipped today and will be in stores 02/27/2008! The Links below are from my astore. Thanks.
Lost: Via DomusLost: Via DomusLost: Via Domus
Lost: Via Domus
XBOX 360
Lost: Via Domus
Lost: Via Domus

The Constant

The Constant
Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sayid and Desmond hit a bit of turbulence on the way to the freighter, which causes Desmond to experience some unexpected side effects.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Call Me and Leave Your Theories

I added Grand Central today and I called in to leave myself a message to see how it works. I left a message about Desmond and seeing the future deaths of people. Charlie, Namoi, & I think Claire based on the end of "Eggtown" from last week.

This is the message, you could be next to share your comments or theories. This is a free service (could cost you some daytime minutes, but that's all).

Friday, February 22, 2008

LOST - The trials of Kate

Source: 'LOST recap: The trials of Kate - Entertainment Weekly

Philip K. Dick's Valis In this trippy novel, one of Dick's best and most personal, ''Valis'' stands for ''Vast Acting Living Intelligence System.'' Sounds like the way Locke or Ben might regard the Island.

Locke putting the grenade in Miles' mouth Pretty cool — and kinda ridiculous. Locke suffered some challenges to his leadership in this episode, including a crisis of self-confidence. I guess stuffing an explosive into a bad guy's mouth is one way to feel like a man again. Sawyer is right: Locke is going Kurtz on us. The horror...the horror...

The Faraday-Charlotte card game The task involved Daniel correctly guessing what three overturned cards were. But the key line there is C.S. Lewis asking him, ''What do you remember?'' My interpretation: Daniel Faraday is a time traveler — or thinks he is a time traveler — and he's recovering memories of his past experience on the Island. Speaking of time travel:

The meaning of the title ''Eggtown'' I researched many options, include the significance to mythological ideas like the ''world egg'' and the ''cosmic egg.'' There could be a connection to the book Cracking the Cosmic Egg, too. But inspired by Locke's conspicuous mention of killing a chicken, I decided to investigate the Wikipedia write-up on the chicken and the egg. It has some interesting things to say about the theory of causality and ''the Grandfather Paradox,'' two important ideas in time-travel lore — and that's where we're headed next week.

I've Been Blogged

Source: The Mysterious Island of the LOST Ones- LOST Blog - ABC's LOST - Blogged

I was doing a little google search this morning and I stumbled (if you will) across my site on blogged (find better blogs). I thought that was pretty cool. Just thought I'd share. =)

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Lost Season 4 Episode 4 Eggtown On Island Recap

Lost Season 4
Episode 4 Eggtown
On Island Recap

We start off with Locke making some breakfast, and soon he goes into the vast maze beneath Ben's house, where Ben is being held (where Anthony Copper was last season). Locke brings Ben a book to Ben, and he says that's he's already read it. Locke give the LOST fans a nice shout out by saying you might catch something you missed the second time around. Ben plays his usually mind games with the sometimes weak Locke and it gets to him. Ben brings up the cabin, Jacob and even that John is coming to him for help. "You're more lost than you ever were," says good ole manipulative Ben.

Sun and Jin are discussing where they should live when they get to America. Jack, Charoltte and Daniel arrive and the beach and are introduced to everyone. They LOSTies keep trying to call the freighter but Minkowski does not answer.

Kate Scooby Doo's Hurley into telling her where Miles is being held. He's in a new location, the boat house. Which doesn't have any boats near it at this point. Miles wants 1 minutes with Ben and says he'll tell Kate what she wants to know. Claire and Kate are hanging up laundry and Claire asks her to pick up Aaron who is a little fussy, but Kate won't do it. Claire picks him up and makes the comment that she never thought that she would be a good mom, but she is.

Kate goes to Hurley and Sawyer's house and they talk. Sawyer asks her to tell him is she wants to use him, and she does. She wants to bust Ben out to let him talk with Miles. Sawyer goes to Locke to play backgammon, a very popular game on the island. He tells him of Kate's plan, and they run off to check on Miles. He is gone. Kate has him and has taken him to see Ben. She gives him a minute. Miles tells Ben that he will lie and tell his employer that Ben is dead for 3.2 million in cash in one week, and that he'll take care of Charoltte. Ben and he obviously know things that we don't and those on the island don't know either. Miles does tell Kate that he knows all about the passengers of flight 815, he knows her back story. Locke and Sawyer arrive and Kate is told to go home.

After she tells him that Locke is making her leave, Sawyer says "I unbanish you." They spend their last night together, from the looks of it anyway.

Charoltte is urged by Juliet and Jack to call the emergency number. She does and talks to Regina. She has not seen the helicopter of those aboard, and it's already been over a day since they left the island. This is not good.

John goes to the boat house and pulls the pin on a grenade and sticks it in Miles' mouth and walks out. John, the quasi dictator, has walked off the plantation, so to speak.

Kate tells Sawyer that she's not pregnant, and he is happy. He thinks she's using this as an excuse to run off to Jack and leave him. I thought she was pregnant with his baby up to this point, since last May actually.

Again, what is Ben able to do and where is able to go?
Is there really a "Magic Box?" Can he teleport?
What does Miles know?
Why didn't Minkowski answer the phone?
Is that a live grenade?

Lost Season 4 Episode 4 Eggtown Off Island Recap

Lost Season 4
Episode 4 Eggtown
Off Island Recap

This is a Kate centric Flash Forward also featuring future Jack. Kate is identified specifically as one of the Oceanic 6 with the fame and notoriety. She is put on trial for the laundry list of ways she's broken the laws. I thought she'd get off because she was now rich like Sayid, but it wasn't that at all. She was remanded to federal custody. Jack testifies and lies for her saying that she saved the lives of the 6 survivors of the crash and attempting to save 2 others that initially survived the crash. Her sick mom, who I thought was already dead, came to visit here and sad that she's had six months to live for 4 years now. She wanted to make a deal to not testify so she could see Kate's son. Kate wanted no part of that. Her mom doesn't testify which is the main part of teh prosecution's case, and the make a plea deal. Kate is sentenced to time served, 10 years probation, and she can't leave the island. She's about to leave through a back exit, when Jack (driving the same vehicle as crazy bearded Jack) comes up and talks with her. Which made me briefly think that this was his baby that she was going back to. He still loves her and wants to go for coffee, but he doesn't want to see the baby, so Kate won't do it. Kate goes home and who we assume is the nanny is taking care of her son, Aaron.

Why Aaron with Kate?
Why and How does everyone think he is her son?
Is he considered one of the Oceanic 6?
What happened to Claire? I think she's dead.
What happened to Kate's mom to make her live so long, was Jacob involved?

I called into Jay and Jack's Podcast with this tonight after the show. I think that since all of Desmond's flashes involve death, Clarie on the helicopter was a flash of her death not rescue. Desmond had a flash in which Claire drowned, and all of the flashes for Charlie involved death (lighting, drowning trying to save Claire, arrow, drowning), Naomi would have died in the tree had she not been given treatment and eventually died. I think Clarie will die as well. Let's just hope Des doesn't have any other flashes of our beloved LOSTies anytime soon.

''Lost'': Mind-blowing scoop

Source: Lost | ''Lost'': Mind-blowing scoop | Lost | Doc Jensen | TV | Entertainment Weekly

We will learn who all of the "Oceanic 6" no later than the end of episode 7. Could Ben be one? Well he did have a room of passports, so maybe he could, they didn't say he wasn't.

Damon: "Sometimes a bracelet is just a bracelet. We just thought it would be a cool emotional touchstone for Sayid; Elsa's bracelet reminds him of Naomi. But some people interpreted that, ''Is there something more there?'' We might need to address that."
Time Travel Next Thursday night!!!
CUSE: "For example, the fifth episode of the season [airing next week] deals with time travel and operates in different time periods. It was a tough story to break. But we adhere to our rule: no paradox."

CARLTON CUSE: This year, it's all about the castaways' relationship to the freighter folk. Since day one, their goal has been to get off the Island. Now our heroes will find themselves defending the very island they wanted to leave. The future hints at the fact that these folks have a deeper connection to the Island than they themselves realized.

DAMON LINDELOF: The big mystery looming over this season is, how did some people get off the Island and what happened to the people who didn't? That's the mystery that we owe the answer to at the end of the season, in addition to who's in the coffin. We could be winky about the coffin all the way through season 5. But that was one of the first things we talked about when we got back to work on the new episodes: We definitely have to show who was in the coffin. That's the primary superstructure of the season. As a result of that, certain thematic elements — the element of fate or supernatural elements as they relate to the monster and Jacob — are certainly in play but not as interesting to us this season as these questions: Why do some of the characters leave? How do they leave? What are the circumstances under which they leave? Why do some stay? Is it a choice? Is it an accident? Both?

CUSE: There are larger cosmic questions involved in that. Daniel Faraday's rocket experiment in the Sayid episode, which established a time differential on the Island, was a very important scene in that it sets the table for things that come into play in the future of the show. We've learned a lot about our characters' relationship to the Island, but now we're going to learn their relationship to the outside world once they've been on the Island. This is an important new idea to the show.

The Sayid episode established that Ben's got this list of bad people that need executing. What can you say about these people?

CUSE: We'll know by the end of the season that there will be two alternative explanations for why Oceanic 815 is in the trench at the bottom of the ocean. It will not be clear which story one should believe. [To be clear, Cuse is saying the mystery of Ben's list is linked to this wreckage.]

LINDELOF: Both stories will be presented and both stories will have legitimate facts presented on their behalves.

CUSE: The act of taking a plane, filling it with dead bodies and putting it at the bottom of the ocean connotes a group that is pretty freakin' powerful. You should be worried about the people involved in either scenario capable of doing something like that.

LINDELOF: ''Abaddon,'' we dug that one out of Wikipedia. When we name people, we often do Web searches on certain verbiage or if we want to pull something out of Greek mythology or Native American mythology, like, ''Who was the god of wheat?''

CUSE: I can't believe you're telling Jeff about the god of wheat now! The entire second half of the fourth season is about the god of wheat!

Dagon of Tuttul the Canaanite "god of wheat" & inventor of the plow according to the this site.

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The Gospel According to LOST

Source: restore -

The Christian Research Journal published an issue with LOST on the cover featuring the article "The Gospel According to LOST." I haven't seen this magazine or read the article, but I would love to find a copy. You can order it from there website for about $12.50 (including shipping). I would like to see what they have to saw about the Bible, Salvation, Jesus, Heaven, Hell, etc.

Jesus once said that he "came to seek and to save what was LOST (Luke 19:10)." At some point all of us are lost. Maybe geographically, metaphorically and as Jesus was speaking of here spiritually.

Romans 3:23 says, "for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." Romans 6:23 says, "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord." We deserve death because of our sins, "but God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us (Romans 5:8)." John 3:16, probably the most famous Bible verse, talks about this same love, "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." Many stop at 3:16 and never go to the next verse.

John 3:17-21 says, "For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. 18Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believed in the name of God's one and only Son. 19This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. 20Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. 21But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God."

So how do we do get his eternal life? "If you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. 10For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved (Romans 10:9-10)."

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Doc Jensen clues!

'LOST: Decode these clues! - doc jensen - Entertainment Weekly

Where is the ''arcane lock hut''?
Whose ''aghast sap woe'' will cause him to rethink an alliance?
Will ''a cabal armor entity'' ever get off the ground?
Who will benefit from a ''crucial sore purged''?
Is there more romantic tension in store for the ''leached pier trio''?
There is a lot more to this article than these little clues. Some interesting thought about the first two epsiodes of the season and some analysis of the literary references.

LOST Valentines Day Cards

Valentines Day Cards -

Just in case you haven't gotten anything for that special someone for Valentine's, LOST has what you need to rescue your love life. You can send 12 different e-valentines featuring our favorites survivors.

Why is Sayid working for Ben?

After the Economist, I was shocked to see that Ben had somehow gotten Sayid to not only work for him, but to kill for him. What has changed? What has happened to our favor LOST Iraqi? Why did Ben leave the island? When was this flash forward in relation to the others? This was a cool LOST moment. Kudos LOST writers and producers.

LOST Season 4 Episode 3 The Economist Off Island Recap

LOST Season 4 Episode 3: "The Economist"
Off Island Recap - If you don't want to know what happened don't read this.

Sayid is playing golf in this flash forward at an exclusive European (possibly Italian) golf course. While he is about to tee off, an Italian man drives up in a golf cart and says that Sayid is the first person he's seen on the course all day. They start talking and make a wager on who can get the ball closest to the pin. The man suggests 50 EUR. Sayid ups to 100 EUR. The man asks what he does, and Sayid says nothing. The man ask where he got his wealth and his wealth. He tells the man that he's one of the Oceanic 6. The man is terrified and after driving the ball and getting closer to the pin. Sayid pulls out a gun shots and kills Mr. Avellino.

Sayid meets a lady named Elsa in a German coffee shop. He orders an Espresso and says that he's a headhunter. Which made me think, assassin. He then clarifies by saying corporate recruiter. The young lady explains her job and she's paid well to be at her bosses' beckon call when he's in town, but he's only in town occasionally. She think she recognizes Sayid from somewhere. He tells her if she lets him take her to dinner, He'll tell her where she knows him from. After drawing the location of the date on a map, she leaves. As he is walking down the street, he uses a fancy flip phone to call someone and say "I've made contact." He then throws the phone in the trash.

Sayid shows up for his 5th date with Elsa in a tuxedo. Elsa says that will leave her beeper, the ancient technology, but Sayid says he doesn't want to be the cause of her getting fired. Elsa asks is Sayid has a boss, and he tells her that "everyone has a boss." He was supposed to only supposed be in German for one week, but he's still there. He says is because its taking longer than he though to finished his job.

Sayid and Elsa are lying in bed apparently after some relations. She tells him that she knows that he's one of the Oceanic 6. He's happy and they share a passionate kiss, as the beeper goes off. She's got to go to meet her boss. Sayid jumps up and tells her while she's getting dressed that she should leave Berlin because people are going to ask what happened to her boss. She says that he used her to get to her boss, which is true. She asks if he's going to kill him, and he tells her that her boss is not an Ecnomoist. Sayid is shot is the shoulder region. She calls her people and tells them that he didn't suspect anything and that he's not dead and she'll bring him to the safe house. Sayid break a mirror and grabs a gun and shots her multiple times killing her. As she's laying on the floor, he crawls over to her and closes her eyes as he cries.

Sayid goes to a veternian office after he's been shot. We see dogs in cages and then an examine room. A voice says, "take off your shirt." "Is she dead" "Why didn't she kill you?" She was trying to get info. It's revealed that BEN is Sayid's boss with a list of people to kill. Ben reminds Sayid about what happened to them, and tells him that he has another name. Sayid responds, "They know I'm after them now." Ben says, "Good!" LOST

Why is Sayid an assassin?
Why is Sayid working for Ben?
Who is on the lost?
Who is this Economist?
Who was that Italian man?
Why is Ben is Germany?

Lost Season 4 Episode 3 The Economist On Island Recap

LOST Season 4 Episode 3 "The Economist"
On Island Recap

Jack and Juliet are talking about Ben, when Miles continues questioning them about finding Benjamin Linus. He’d get paid a lot of money. They tell him that they know where he is, with Locke and the rest of the survivors. Sayid is on the sidelines listening to Miles, Jack and Kate. He’s looking at Naomi’s bracelet and “N. I’ll always be with you. R.G.” He tells them that they’re not going anyway, and asks the pilot if the helicopter will fly. The pilot says that he can’t carry much weight because of all the fuel they burned coming in. He tells the pilot that he will get Charlotte back if he will take him to the boat.

Sayid finds the pictures of Desmond and Penny that Naomi had which still doesn't make sense. Juliet is sent to to beach to get Desmond, it should take her a couple of hours. Miles quickly lets Sayid know that he's going with him to get Charlotte.

Locke leads his team to where the cabin is supposed to be. He find the ash, but no cabin. Locke wasn’t sure what to do, but when he’s pressured and Ben plays his mind games, Locke acts like it’s not a big deal. Sawyer brings up that Jack’s team and the rest of the boat people will know where they’re heading. Hurley asks why they can’t let Charlotte go. John wants to keep her, because she’ll be a valuable hostage. Hurley didn’t sign up for hostages. He wants to let Charlotte go as a sign of good faith. Hurley has a problem with Locke making the decisions.

Jack and Kate are talking and he thinks that she should go with them, because he knows Sawyer won't let Locke hurt her. So Kate goes along. Sayid still has the bracelet. He asks Miles about his connections with teh ladies on his team. He doesn't really know them or care about them. He just wants to complete the mission.

Daniel is acting strange trying to find a place a conduct an experiment. He puts up a tripod and pull out some fancy equipment. He asks the pilot if he can borrow the phone to call Regina. The pilot tells him to hang up if it's not Regina. Daniel asks her to send the payload. She does and tracks it and says that it arrives at the destination, but it does not arrive where the beckon is.

Kate, Sayid and Miles find the Barracks. When they get there its deserted, and they found Hurley locked in a closet. He tells them what has gone on with Locke, and how in his opinion how he had gone off the deep end. Hurley also asks Miles if the people on the boat where there to kill them. Miles says, “not yet.” Hurley does tell them that Locke said something about going to Ben's house before they leave.

Jack asks Frank if the Red Sox really won the series. Frank says he doesn't want to talk about it, because he's from the Bronx and that he bleeds Yankee blue. Jack then mumbles something about being on the island 100 days. Just about the time the payload arrives. Inside the shell is a clock. The watch that he pulls out of the shell is apparently 31 minutes off from what he thinks the time should be. 2:45:03 and 3:16:23 are the time shown on the clocks. "31 minutes, this is not good." Juliet and Desmond show up to distract us from the Back to the Future moment.

Sayid, Miles and Kate go over to Ben's house trying to find some kind of clue. They find an empty house. Kate finds and empty closet. Sayid sees some marks on the floor in front of a bookcase and moves it out of the way. In this hidden room, he finds lots of clothes, money and passports. The money looks old. At least one of the passports is for Ben. Kate is looking under a bed and sees boats, which look like Sawyer's feet. It is Sawyer, he tells her to be quiet, but she calls out to Sayid. Sayid comes out of the secret room and Locke has a gun on him. Hurley says "Sorry dude."

While Locke talks with Miles, Sayid is put in the rec room/prison with Ben. Ben says he has no use for friends he can't trust. Sayid says something to the effect the day I trust you is the day I sell my soul. Kate and Sawyer talk about playing house on the island, and Kate decides to stay and see how long they could. Locke doesn't get any answers from Miles. He brings iced tea for Sayid. Locke tells Sayid about Ben's man on the boat. Oh course, Ben won't reveal his secret. Sayid wants to make a deal for Charoltte so he can go see what's happening on the boat.

Daniel is still looking at his equipment. Desmond asks about Penny Whidmore, and Daniel and Frank give a weird look to one another, so it's obvious they're not being truthful. Frank does give the excuses that Naomi was management and they didn't exactly hang out. Desmond says he's get on the helicopter. Sayid comes back with Charoltte. He traded Miles for her. Frank says he cheated, but it okay since Miles was a pain. Charoltte, Daniel and Jack and decide to stay on the island, so there is space for one more. Sayid suggest bringing Naomi's body, and they do. Daniel has some cryptic words for Frank, "Make sure you follow the same bearing, no matter what." As they leave the island, I was expect it to disappear or something, it didn't, but it did look like a scene from Jurassic Park. LOST

What is going on with Ben?
He left the island according to the photo, but how often? how? Where did he go? And maybe when did you go in time?
What is the importance of the bracelet?
Who is R.G.?

Oceanic Flight 815 Hotline 888-548-0034

During last week's episode, one of the easter eggs was the hot line for friends or family members to call about their loved ones on Flight 815. You can call the number and listen to a recording, that basically tells you that there isn't any new information at this time, and that investigations can take a long time to throughly investigate everything.

Give 'em a call. It's fun. It makes LOST seem a lot more real.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Fate of the Rest of LOST Season 4

Source: TV shows start to learn their fate - Entertainment News, TV News, Media - Variety:
"As for 'Lost,' exec producer Carlton Cuse said he and fellow showrunner Damon Lindelof would meet with ABC brass today to hammer out the plan for the rest of the season. They won't be able to finish the remaining eight segs of the show's planned 16-episode season -- five is a more likely number -- but they will be able to craft a completed storyline for the remainder of this season, Cuse said.

And whatever segs are not produced this season will be picked up down the road in the show's remaining two seasons, Cuse said.

'We're going to try to make as many as we can and do a good job of finishing out this season,' he said. 'We'll have to compress some of the storytelling we planned for this season, and that may not be a bad thing. Damon and I feel like we know how we can finish it off and still make it a really, really great story.'"

Monday, February 11, 2008

Is Amelia Earhart on the island?

Amelia was featured in the book club in Season 3, and in the 12th Missing Piece "The Envelope." Well just about two week prior to that Missing Piece premiered on Verizon phones and on Amelia Earhart was "featured" in Sam Thomas picks ups a broadcast from the day that Amelia Earhart went missing. Similar to when Sayid and Hurley were listening to some old big band music. Hurley jokingly asks from what time was the music coming from.
Also in season 3, Juliet in "One of Us" is taken to a private airport by Richard Alpert named Herarat Aviation. Herarat is an anagram for "Earhart".

I think that this really could be Amelia Earhart, but I think that would be Ezra James Sharkington jumping on LOST (the jumping of the shark).

So This is Christmas (Strike Is Over)

Source: After the WGA Strike: When Will Your Favorite TV Shows Return? - Ausiello Report -

The WGA strike is OVER! Ausiello has some good updates on when everything is scheduled to return. He's reporting that it is likely LOST will have an additional 6 episodes this season!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Confirmed Dead Newspaper - Le Journal de Tunisie

This is a pretty clear good size screen cap, but I cannot make out the date on this newspaper. I really want to know when they found 815. Have you seen this reported anywhere, please leave me a comment if you have.

I went to Babelfish to translate the French to English.

le lavage de cerveau en liberte ="the washing of brain in freedom"
This Article comes up when you search the French title in Google, "Plus efficace encore que les dictatures, le lavage de cerveau en liberté." Google will translate it for you if you let it. This blog was published on November 10, 2007, but was from an interview from August 2007. Here is a translate portion of it:

"In an interview with the France Inter journalist Daniel Mermet, the American intellectual Noam Chomsky analyzes the mechanisms of domination media and puts them in their historical context.He recalled, for example, that totalitarian regimes were based on the springs of advanced communication tools in the United States in the aftermath of the First World War. In addition, he stated that the prospects for social change in today's world, and what might look like utopia for those who, despite the pedagogy of impotence hammered by the media, have not renounced change the world ."

Friday, February 8, 2008

Writers' Strike Over says Eisner

Source: Writers' Strike Eisner -

A deal has been struck between the major media companies and the Writers Guild of America to end the writers' strike, former Walt Disney chief executive Michael Eisner revealed on CNBC.

"It's over," Eisner said. "They made the deal, they shook hands on the deal. It's going on Saturday to the writers in general."

Eisner, speaking live on CNBC's "Fast Money," seemed to hesitate initially about whether it was possible that the writers could still reject the agreement, but finally suggested the deal's acceptance was inevitable.

"A deal has been made, and they'll be back to work very soon," Eisner said, adding, "I know a deal's been made. I know it's over."

Eisner did not elaborate on terms of the agreement. He said he expects most of the media companies affected by the strike to have "small" write-downs as a result of the deal. Eisner said the deal was struck last Friday.

As a result of studio cutbacks, however, many of the writers who went on strike are unlikely to return to the same big-money contracts they'd had as individuals with the studios, Eisner said.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Next Week on LOST

Season 4, Episode 3: The Economist
February 14, 2008 - 9 pm EST

Next week's episode "The Economist" will reveal another of the Oceanic 6. So far we have confirmation on three of them. I'll have a Happy Valentine's courtesy of LOST on ABC!

LOST Season 4 Episode 2 Confirmed Dead - Off Island Recap

Confirmed Dead Flashbacks - The Crew of the Helicopter

Off Island
Daniel Faraday (the physicist) Flashback
His is a short flashback. He's watching footage of Flight 815 being found on TV and is strangely sadden by the events. He doesn't know why he is so strongly affected.

Miles Straume (Ghostbuster) Flashback
He goes to an grandmother's house cause busting makes him feel good. Well talking to a dead boy and getting a wad of cash certainly does anyway. He apparently makes contact with the woman's dead grandson, who was murdered, and finds drugs and money. He takes the money and tells the spirit to leave, but leaves the drugs. He also gives the lady half of her money back. In my mind, this does confirm that they are ghost in the world of LOST.

Charlotte Staples Lewis (C.S. Lewis, archaeologist) Flashback
She in in Tunisia in the desert. She too sees confirmation that Flight 815 was found. She doesn't want to believe it apparently. She bribes a man to get into the closed dig. There she finds a polar bear skeleton with a Dharma Hydra Collar. How weird is that?

Frank Lapidus (drunk pilot) Flashback
He too is watching the footage of Flight 815. He however calls the Oceanic hot line and tells the supervisor that the "pilot" they are showing on TV isn't the pilot because he would have never taken off his wedding ring. How does he know? He was supposed to be flying flight 815 and knew the pilot that did.

Naomi (the dead military expert) Flashback
Even though she was dead she too had a flashback. Matthew Abaddon, the scary man that visited Hurley last week, hires her to get this team to the island and back safety. She was the only one of the oddly assembled group with any military training. She asks what is they encounter survivors of 815? Abaddon is adamant that there are no survivors.

Oceanic 815 was found and the whole world knows. It was big news all around the globe, in many languages! So survivors being found, when all 324are confirmed dead, would be even bigger news.

What is going on with Flight 815?
If that wasn't the pilot, who was it and who put that body and that plane there?
Was it a plant by Abaddon and those at Oceanic or Maxwell Group or something else?
Was it a copy as a result of the Cashmere Effect?
What made Daniel so sad and connected to the find of 815?
What is up with Miles Straume's ghost whispering?
Why were there a Dharma polar bear in the desert?
Why did Abaddon assembly these random people into a team?
What's the connection to C.S. Lewis? (more of this in the on island post)

LOST Season 4 Episode 2 Confirmed Dead - On Island Recap

Team Jack
Meets up three newbies: Daniel Faraday (the physicist), Miles Straume (Ghostbuster), Frank Lapidus (drunk pilot). All three of their flashbacks feature a confirmation of Oceanic Flight 815 being found on the bottom of the India Ocean. It still didn't say when. Jack and Kate meet Daniel first. He is very nervous. Jack sees the gun and doesn't trust him. They tell him about the phone, since he's LOST his. The team can use the phone to track each other down with the little transponder. He calls the freighter and talks with him on speaker phone at first and then on regular mode. That phone signals pops up on the screen and they see another one, Miles'. They go to track him down. Also soon there after they a box from the copter with gas masks and hazardous material bags. He awkwardly says he's not in charge of packing. Miles is on the rocks near the ocean and looks to be knocked out, but he's not. He holds the gun on Jack and Kate and they eventually take him to where Naomi is, and he does his best paranormal state impression and says she died like Kate and Jack told him that John killed her.

Sayid and Juliet get worried and go out looking for Jack and Kate. They go back to the cockpit and then track them from there. They sneak up and play calvary saving the day by hiding in the jungle with their gun pointed at Miles and Daniel. They find what they think is Charlotte but it a clever diversion of Vincent with a transponder around his neck, and not too much later they find the pilot and the helicopter. The helicopter landed and is still in working condition. Juliet tells Frank her real name and he says that she wasn't on the plane and then Miles freaks out and starts asking where he is. They are there looking for what Ben tells Team Locke.

Team Locke
Ben is still playing all of his mind games with Karl, Sawyer and Locke. All three of them come close to killing him at one point. They find Charlotte Staples Lewis (C.S. Lewis, the archaeologist) as she is dropping out of a tree that she was stuck in. She's excited to be alive until she sees them. She's asking a lot of questions and Locke doesn't like it when Hurley starts to give some of those answers. They take her with them against her will.

Locke tells Sawyer that he's getting "his orders" from Walt. He told them that Walt was taller. Sawyer says something along the lines of "So taller ghost Walt told you to kill Naomi?" Walt told him to stop her from communicating with the boat. He also tells them about Ben shooting them and show off his wound. Locke says something kind of amazing. "I probably wouldn't have made it if there had still been a kidney there."

Later she tries to run away and Ben shots her twice in the chest. For a moment, I thought John had the gift of healing, but she was wearing a bullet proof vest. Ben tells Locke not to kill him, because he has answers. Locke asks what's the monster, the smoke monster? Ben says he doesn't know, but then Ben tells the group all about Charlotte and her team so they won't kill him, and they don't. He also tells them what they want; him. He says that he knows all of this, because he has a man on their boat.

Flight 815 was "found." The people were declared dead.
Ghosts exist. People can communicate with them.
The people on the freighter came looking for Ben.

Why are they looking for Ben? I would assume the purge.
Who does Ben have on that boat? I'm thinking, oh course, Michael! I still don't understand why Harold Perrineau has been listed in the credit since he hasn't been in either episode.
What does C.S. Lewis have to do with LOST? Most people know C.S. Lewis from The Chronicles of Narnia. One thing about the seven books in that series, people got to Narnia in different ways. Perhaps people get to the island in different ways. Two other popular pieces of ficiont are "The Screwtape Letters" and "The Great Divorce." Also, apart from teaching at Oxford and writing fiction. C.S. Lewis was a Christian theologian and apologist. The writers of LOST have used famous names from philosophy before.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

LOST Confirmed Dead

LOST Season 4 Episode 2 "Confirmed Dead"
Thursday February 7, 2008 9pm - 10:02 pm

ABC's official description: "The survivors begin to question the intentions of their supposed rescuers when four strangers arrive on the island."

There are also two sneak peeks available at for Confirmed dead. Be sure to check tomorrow for an updated recap of all the action on island and off island.

Also how cool is it that LOST gets an extra couple of minutes? I think that's awesome.

Oscar Talbot of The Maxwell Group on Finding Flight 815


Oscar Talbot on a Deep Sea Discovery
January 31st, 2008

"His interview explores the accidental discovery by Sam Thomas of Oceanic flight 815. Here he explains the events leading up to the discovery, its implications, and the course of future action."

Listen to Interview

If you listen to the interview, Oscar says they were looking for "Black Rock" that sank in 1881; however, he doesn't say "The Black Rock,"the full title. It very odd that old old wooden ship would be thought to be LOST in the same place, the Sunda Trench as Flight 815. There is obviously some kind of connection there. Was Rousseau scientific expedition LOST in the Sunda Trench as well? He also says that he feels the plane is in water to deep to salvage, but that he hopes knowing where the plane is will give peace to those with loved ones on board.

Again this raises the question in my mind, when does this happen? I want a date that they found the plane, that could explain a lot to me. According to the date of the post, this interview about this recent discovery was posted January 31, 2008. Was 815 not found until 2008?

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Nielsen TV Ratings for Lost January 31, 2008

Source: Overnight Nielsen TV Ratings for Thursday, January 31, 2008 including Lost

"With the season four premiere of Lost, ABC easily won the last night of January. While Lost did not have it’s biggest ratings ever, or perform as well as say Desperate Houswives, an hour worth of recap and the premiere both had solid performance in viewers and in the 18-49 demographic and both hours easily won their timeslots. And while it was still January, technically last night was the first night of February sweeps, so at least briefly — say until Sunday when the Super Bowl airs on FOX, ABC is off to a good start.

The recap performed much better than I thought it would and I’d have to concede that whether I found it any good or not, that along with about 13 million other people I watched it. The premiere itself averaged around 16 million viewers — and it definitely did leave me wanting more and anticipating next week.

More surprising to me was the performance of the premiere of ABC’s Eli Stone following the Lost premiere. The results for the first half hour will likely change some as Lost technically ran past 10pm, but Eli averaged ~12.5 million for the first half hour and 10.75 million in the second half hour."

Lost Recap: Past, Present & Future
8:30 ABC Lost Recap: Past, Present & Future 13.25
9:00 ABC Lost: Season 4 Premiere 15.95
9:30 ABC Lost: Season 4 Premiere 16.19

Jeff Jensen's take on LOST Season 4 Opener

Source: ''Lost'' recap: Who else escaped? - Entertainment Weekly

Season 4 Burning Question No. 1: If the Oceanic 6 are six survivors of Oceanic 815 who made it off the Island (and became famous for doing so), and we know that three of the six are Jack, Kate, and Hurley, then who are the other three? (This is why God invented message boards. Post your bets below.)

Season 4 Burning Question No. 2: Is Christian Shephard actually Jacob, or was Ghost Dad just keeping the chair warm while the Ben-directing Ghost Other was taking a wicked ghost whiz?

Season 4 Burning Question No. 3: Why can't the Oceanic Six tell the truth about their Island past?

Season 4 Burning Question No. 4: Who is Matthew Abbaddon really? And what are to make of that name? Matthew means ''gift of the Lord.'' By contrast, there's the hellish allusion of ''Abbaddon.'' My trusty TV Watch editor, Tom Conroy, pointed out to me that in the book of Revelation, Abaddon is ''the angel of the abyss'' and even the personification of death.

Season 4 Burning Question No. 5: Will the Oceanic Six answer Charlie's call and save the remaining castaways left behind on Hell Island?

Season 4 Burning Question No. 6: What "it" were Hurley and Jack talking about?

Season 4 Burning Question No. 7: Why does flash-forward Hurley now regret trusting Charlie and wish he had stuck with Jack instead of siding with freighter fraidy cat Locke?

Friday, February 1, 2008

LOST Streaming in HD

In case you missed the best two hours of television this week (this year), ABC has loaded the recap show "LOST: Past, Present & Future" and the fourth season premiere of LOST "The Beginning of the End" on their website. Let's just hope that the writers will get paid for this soon so the strike will end and we'll have a full season of LOST!

Also, if you have friends who haven't gotten LOST yet. They can watch every episode of LOST from Seasons 1 -3 in HD as well. Spread the word.

Mysterious Island

Vantage Point and LOST

The Vantage Point ad during the season premiere featured a code "000-815." If you go to the Vantage Point Mosaic, and enter the code, a little LOST widget pops up. The LOST widget features a video "Jack shots Locke bu the gun is empty," Trivia (with wrong answers), and then links to pretty much all of the content of the official LOST website.