Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lost Season 4 Episode 4 Eggtown Off Island Recap

Lost Season 4
Episode 4 Eggtown
Off Island Recap

This is a Kate centric Flash Forward also featuring future Jack. Kate is identified specifically as one of the Oceanic 6 with the fame and notoriety. She is put on trial for the laundry list of ways she's broken the laws. I thought she'd get off because she was now rich like Sayid, but it wasn't that at all. She was remanded to federal custody. Jack testifies and lies for her saying that she saved the lives of the 6 survivors of the crash and attempting to save 2 others that initially survived the crash. Her sick mom, who I thought was already dead, came to visit here and sad that she's had six months to live for 4 years now. She wanted to make a deal to not testify so she could see Kate's son. Kate wanted no part of that. Her mom doesn't testify which is the main part of teh prosecution's case, and the make a plea deal. Kate is sentenced to time served, 10 years probation, and she can't leave the island. She's about to leave through a back exit, when Jack (driving the same vehicle as crazy bearded Jack) comes up and talks with her. Which made me briefly think that this was his baby that she was going back to. He still loves her and wants to go for coffee, but he doesn't want to see the baby, so Kate won't do it. Kate goes home and who we assume is the nanny is taking care of her son, Aaron.

Why Aaron with Kate?
Why and How does everyone think he is her son?
Is he considered one of the Oceanic 6?
What happened to Claire? I think she's dead.
What happened to Kate's mom to make her live so long, was Jacob involved?

I called into Jay and Jack's Podcast with this tonight after the show. I think that since all of Desmond's flashes involve death, Clarie on the helicopter was a flash of her death not rescue. Desmond had a flash in which Claire drowned, and all of the flashes for Charlie involved death (lighting, drowning trying to save Claire, arrow, drowning), Naomi would have died in the tree had she not been given treatment and eventually died. I think Clarie will die as well. Let's just hope Des doesn't have any other flashes of our beloved LOSTies anytime soon.

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