Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Beginning of the End - On Island - LOST Season 4 Premiere

SPOILER: Don't keep reading if you don't want to know what happened.

Season 4.01 - "The Beginning of the End"
On the Island: (Flash Forward Post)

The aftermath of the decision to call the freighter is what this episode was about. Jack and the gang we excited. They couldn't find Locke and soon discover that Naomi wasn't dead. Most everyone starts making the way back toward the beach, but Danielle, Jack and Ben go to look for Naomi down the wrong path. Kate steals the phone from Jack and tracks down Naomi just before she dies and Naomi makes some adjustments to the phone to ensure that her people will find them.

Hurley and everyone on the beach are excited as well, until Desmond comes with the news that Charlie is dead and that his last heroic act was to tell them that Naomi is not who she claimed to be. They don't radio Jack to warn him in case the signals are being monitored so they lock and loaded and start marching toward the front of the plane.

Along the way Hurley gets separated and the craziness that we see in the future is beginning here. He sees an old house. Like Jacob's shack, but bigger from my first impression. Like I don't remember there being a front porch last time. He sees a table with a latern, a painting on the way of a dog, like at Jacob's cabin, and a man wearing white tennis shoes in a dark suit, Christian Shepherd. It's dark, but you can tell it's him.

While he's looking, an eye of someone jumps up and is staring back at him. I assume that this is Jacob's face and eye that. He's freaked out when John find him. John tries to convince Hurley to help him.

When everyone gets to the front of the plane, Locke would have been shot if the gun was loaded, but Jack does beat him up. Before long, Locke with the help of Hurley convince a large number of survivors to follow John to the Other's Barracks. Then the rain starts and they leave. Soon as Jack and Kate are thinking of Charlie a helicopter flies over and a man parachutes out. Jack and Kate find him.

What don't people (Naomi, Patchy and John) die on this island, when you think that they should?

Who is Naomi's sister?

What's the deal with Christian Shepard?
Especially sine, "So It Begins" and now Hurley's vision, something is going on with him that's very abnormal for a dead man. Which leads me to my next questions...

Are there ghosts in LOST?
How are Christian and Jacob connected?
How are Smokie and Jacob connected?
Is Jacob a personification of the island?
What was Locke doing there, near the cabin?
Why was the freighter looking for the island?
Why did Kate steal the phone?

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