Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Beginning of the End - Flash Forward - LOST Season 4 Premiere

If you do not want to know what happened in this episode, do not continue reading.

Season 4.01 - "The Beginning of the End"
Flash Forward: (On the Island)

Season 4 opened with a quick rehash of the end of last season and then some exploding fruit. It was Hurley driving an old Camero on the run from the Police. Jack sees this on the news and he knows that it's Hugo. Hugo is arrested and is starts yelling , you don't know who I am "I'm one of the Oceanic 6." We don't learn this until later, but he was freaked out because he had seen his dead friend, Charlie Pace in a store, that is why he started running. Hurley is arrested and is interrogated by Ana Lucia's old partner. He is still seeing things and freaks out again when it appears that the two way mirror becomes a window to the ocean and someone resembling Charlie swims up and touches the glass. The thing that's easy to miss is that the dark hooded figure does represent Charlie and he has has something written on his hand, "They Need You." It breaks and Hurley thinks the room is filling with water. It's not, he's crazy.

He gets sent to the same mental institution as before. He feels comfortable there. He is visited by a scary man who said that he was a lawyer from Oceanic Air. He asked if they were still alive. Hurley freaks out again. Later is outside and dearly departed Charlie walks up and tries to talk to Hurley. He admits that he is dead, but that he is also there. He's trying to tell Hurley that they need to go back, but Hurley doesn't won't to hear it. Finally, the last part of the flash forward features a visit from Jack to Hurley. Jack wants to make sure that Hurley won't tell the secrets they're trying to keep. Jack mentions that he's thinking about growing a beard since they've become celebrities for being one of the "6." Hurley tells him that he's sorry for following Locke and that they made a mistake. Jack also says that they'll never go back. Hurley gives the sage advice, "Never, say never dude."

My Questions About Hurley's Flash Forward:
Who are the "6"?
Kate, Jack and Hurley are confirmed. They've been rumors for months, and those three were correct, so I assume the other 3 are correct as well.

How were the 6 presented to the world to make them famous?
And what have they been saying happened to everyone else?

Was that man really an Oceanic representative, and what is his agenda?
Are they're ghost in the world of LOST?
Was that really Charlie, or just Hurley's craziness like Dave, who also slapped him around?
How did the other patient see Charlie staring at Hurley?
Does the force on the island have powers apart from the island?
What happens to Jack in between this time and the time of the previous flash forward further into the future?

The On the Island recap will be in the next post.
Mysterious Island

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